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Thread: How big should my plant be?

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    How big should my plant be?

    My baby is about 47 days old now under 4x 20w cfl and 1 15w reptile lamp, the lights are on 18/6 and feeding with miracle gro, she looks really healthy but isn't as big as i would expect, how tall should it be? Should I put it on 12/12?

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    It depends on many factors. How tall is it.

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    its about 15-20 cm's with about 5-6 nodes, and its started growing inner leaves aswell, will post photo 2 morro

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    47 days? with HID lighting it would be close to 20", and you'd be two weeks into flower by now. If that reptile light is a heat lamp, get it out of there (a UVb-a light would be fine however). I'd say put it in a bigger pot, buy more cfls and try to drown it in as much light as you can; if it's healthy, that's good (you've gotten this far)but right now it needs more light.
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    He said 15-20 cm's. Which is about 6"-8". My plants are close to twice that height, in little over 30 days. But I am sure the strain of plant and such is a factor also. I just put mine into flower stage almost 3 days ago. Seeing little white hairs come out of the nodes on my two talliest plants already.

    I had my lights set on 24/7 when they were vegging, now they are at 12/12 with Power Flower nutes.



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