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Thread: How long to sprout?

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    How long to sprout?

    hey so its my first grow, and i was wondering how long does it take to accually sprout? Not worried just's been about 40 hours, about 32 w/ light...thanks for any replys.
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    ok...what kinda sprouting are you doing? papertowel method? a lil mor specific about your method of sprouting...and what kinda light is a 32 w light? cfl?

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    when they are ready to....
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    Also depends alot on the seeds and strain. I have some MasterLow that are a bitch to germ as the seeds are overly thick or hard. So I either scuff them or crack them with my teeth after a couple days.

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    with a soak in thiocarbomide 3% solution and the paper towel method, 6/6 sprouted for me in 26 hours.
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    By 'sprout', you could menan a couple things.

    Most of the seeds I've dealt with have popped within 3 days. That means the seed splits and root tip emerges.

    If your beans are under soil, it could take a couple more days for the cotyledons to emerge.

    Give them a couple weeks to break the surface of the dirt. Some can take a while, and it's temperature dependent.

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    shouldnt take more than 48h but depends on the method ure using
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    yeah sorry not sprout as lil white tail but to grow "germinate" yeah n its all good got a lil fan n such, i hope its good n thnks! oh n method i use to get tail out was threw some wet nappkins in a film canister seeds then wet nappkins on top, lid off in closet... took day n a half ish
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