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Thread: How long does it take for a weed plant to grow?

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    6 months

    germinate all your seeds april 1st.,put them in a qt.container with potting soil for each preferably feminized seeds,put them in the ground may first,wait till
    2nd week of october.depending on the strain you should have 8-12footers,and the largest buds you ever the way i highly recommend
    mango for outdoors.the high is strong body high and strong head high and the buds are huge.the main top bud is forarm size. plant was 14ft tall and 5ft across.

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    Yea i gotta question.. i started growin weed bout 4 days ago. my plants are already about 3 almost 4 inches tall. but i have no lights yet to use on them i jus grow them on my window ceil everyday i water it twice. i got 4 plants and theyre all the same height. how much longer do u think it will take till they grow and produce bud?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuhLazed View Post
    how much longer do u think it will take till they grow and produce bud?
    I would say one to two weeks before they DIE from too much water and too little light.try reading some grow guides and you may still be able to save them.
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    Shortest time is 2 months under 12/12 lighting from seed
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