View Poll Results: which would you rather do: 45-day jail sentence, or 90-day house arrest?

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Thread: which would you rather do, jail or house-arrest?

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    house arrest who wants to do time in county or any jail period at least in your home you get good food

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    I am a convicted felon. I have done time in both jail and prison AND I have been under house arrest.

    Jail: Jail is bad, but everyone there is in your same situation. Everybody there misses their house, everybody there misses their family and everybody there knows exactly what you are going thru & feeling.

    Prison: I stood 45 days in jail, waiting for "room" at the prison. I thought jail was bad and it was, but prison is the major leagues. 100mph fastballs compared to 65mph fastballs. In jail you had normal every day criminals like grand theft auto, marijuana, bank robbery (with a note not a weapon), drunken disorderly, etc. In mufuggin prison, you got rapists, multiple murderers, child molesters, arsonists, etc.

    House Arrest: When you are under house arrest, it's the biggest torture of them all. The world keeps going and you can't. Not allowed more then 100' from the base unit (electronic monitoring device connected to the phone). Friends can come over, but they don't because you can't leave. New movie comes out, you can't see it. Take the dog for a walk? Never fucking happen. Mailbox is as far as you can go, unless your mailbox is at the curb. Nobody knows what you are going through. Nobody gives a shit and you feel like you are the living dead. You can see the world, you just can't participate.

    Now, don't get me wrong I'll take house arrest over jail any day for a few simple reasons.

    1) I get to have a REAL woman sleeping in my bed. I was married when I was given house arrest and I got to sleep with my woman.

    2) If you have kids, you get to see them and play with them and be with them and tuck them in or save them from the closet monster.

    3) You are allowed to go to work, to doctors appointments, to legal appointments, etc. So because I own my own company I was able to rig my paperowrk so I can work 12 hours a day.

    House arrest is better then jail, but it's also torture. I can't explain it if you've never been thru it. Anybody that's been thru it can relate to what I'm talking about.

    OH and there are random drug/alcohol tests. Fail and baddabing you go to jail.

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    ^see, that's the sort of insight i was looking for.

    now i've never been to jail or under house-arrest, but i feel that people write off the house-arrest as though it were nothing. and, of course, this thread was inspired by paris hilton... it's gonna suck for her having to watch herself get slammed on TV for the next month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thcbongman View Post
    It actually depends.

    If you serve no probation afterwards, staying in jail for 45 days is way better. However with house arrest, after the term is completed, you'll be put back on probation, and well, that's like having one foot in jail anyway.
    it wouldnt be better to me. I would just serve my house arrest and try not to fuck up. It's a punishment, they wouldn't assign it if it wasn't fun. But it's better than being locked up.

    edit: They wouldn't assign it if it was fun.
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    At least with house arrest, I could use my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed instead of germy ones at the jail. I could at least see my family and pets even if I couldn't go out someplace with them.

    So can people who live alone not be put on house arrest, then? This may be a dumb question, but doesn't someone have to bring groceries and supplies in if the house-arrestee can't leave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdub61 View Post
    ^see, that's the sort of insight i was looking for.

    now i've never been to jail or under house-arrest, but i feel that people write off the house-arrest as though it were nothing. and, of course, this thread was inspired by paris hilton... it's gonna suck for her having to watch herself get slammed on TV for the next month.
    You can't write off House Arrest as nothing! It's fucking torture! Imagine being tied to your house.

    You can't stay too long on the phone, because the electronic monitoring device randomly calls the monitoring center to let them know your still in the house. When you stay on the phone more then 10 minutes, a recording is played "HANG UP THE TELEPHONE NOW! HANG UP THE TELEPHONE NOW!" and it plays over and over and over and over until you hang up. If you don't hang up, it automatically disconnects your line and sends a signal to the monitoring company and then you get yelled at by your house arrest agent for not complying with the order.

    You are not allowed a cordless telephone because it can interfier with the signal from your bracelet.

    If you go in the yard or walk a friend out, the phone rings and it's the monitoring company calling to see if you are there. They ask for you by name, they ask you a random question like "What is two plus two?" or "Spell blue." and then they make you press a button on your bracelet that sends a signal. Don't press the button and Mr. Sherriff comes to your house with a helicopter and you are treated like an escaped convict.

    Drive thru? Not allowed. Sure you can sneak it while you are at work, but they have a GPS signal inside of the unit and they know where you are at all times. Flimsey plastic black bracelet which can be cut with a butter knife. If it's damaged or tampered with in any way, you are dead.

    Temptation is the real problem. You know for a fact you can get away, but is it worth it? You stay up at night thinking how to get out of it and while you can beat it, you realize it's not worth it.

    Everything is delivered. Pizza, porno, you name it it's got to be delivered.

    It's not easy. I am an incredibly strong person, mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm 6'4" and 350lbs. I don't cry. I don't show emotion. I can see and go through anything and I am not bothered. I've seen people get raped in prison and it didn't bother me. Hearing grown men cry in prison while they get raped, praying to God, begging to die, and I was uneffected. House arrest made me break down and cry and I was in therapy for one year AFTER house arrest was finished.

    I go in a crowded theater and I'm scared. Ball park or huge event with lots of peopel, panic attack. Why? No clue.

    I wasn't like then when I did jail & prison. House arrest cracked me. Jail didn't, prison couldn't, life didn't. House arrest fucked me in the head and it'll never go away.

    It's scary. You go thru munchowzen syndrom (sp). Your house is your prison yet you love it. You long to be away from it, yet when you are you go into a panick.

    I was allowed to work for 12 hours a day yet I'd come home two hours early and leave 10 minutes late. Why? If you mess up you go to prison. I wanted to be with my wife & kids. I'd come home early because I'd go into a panic thinking WHAT ABOUT A FLAT TIRE? WHAT ABOUT AN ACCIDENT! THE 405 FREEWAY! TERRORISTS! OH MY JESUS I NEED TO GO HOME! Constantly checking the tires, constantly checking the gas gauge, filling up at 3/4 of a tank to make 100000% sure the gauge is working. Jesus, I'm getting paranoid thinking about it.


    Jail & prison are easier. Everybody there is in your same situation. House arrest is like being a zombie, you are the living dead.

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    Defo gotta be house arrest, fck going to jail. Jail aint a nice place.. Well u do get 3 meals a day, playstation and a herion habbit, some people enjoy that kind of life..
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