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Thread: Wicca stash box...

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    Wicca stash box...

    hey guys...i just recently got off probation that i had for 2 years and im back to smokin regularly so i decided to get a new stash old one was just a basic wood box with the silk screen in the middle and the mirror on bottom...this one is a bit more sophisticated...has the stash box on the bottom and then the kief box on top... came with a neat divider in the middle too so i can keep my chronic separated... here are some pics...what u guys think?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wicca stash box...-box1.jpg   Wicca stash box...-box3.jpg   Wicca stash box...-box2.jpg  

    Wicca stash box...-box4.jpg  
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    nice box mang
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