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Thread: Musty/possibly moldy smelling weed?

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    Musty/possibly moldy smelling weed?

    Ok, I've never had weed that has smelled like this before.... It smells like a musty type of smell (possibly moldy?) but it looks completely fine. Already smoked a few bowls of it... but just wondered if anyone would know why it smells like that when there is no visible traces of mold or anything? Weed looks fantastic, and it gets me pretty stoned... never come across weed that smelled like this before... just wondering if anyone knows if it'd still be pretty safe to smoke? (I'm deciding whether I want to sell off half the bag and get some different shit).... but with no visible evidence it should be alright though... I'd assume... any input on the subject would be appreciated.
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    Could just be the scent .. maybe it's a breed of skunk.
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    i get shit that smells "musty" all the time.

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    that's possible... didn't really think of that... but then again, all the skunk I have had hasn't smelt like must/mold either way... can't see anything visually on it... so might as well smoke it lol.
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    hmm ive never had musty smelling weed. but i have had sulfer smelling weed covered in red and yellow hairs, some of the best ive ever had
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    Mybe you should ask your dealer and he might tell you what strain and why it smells like that. It is proberly just a strain you've not smelt before or anything. If you break up the buds and can't see anything then i'd say its pretty safe.

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    take a bud to a strong light (or sunlight) and blow on it. if you see a 'smoky-like' cloud coming off, most likely you're looking at mold spores...

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    Thanks for the advice del..., I put it under a strong light and blew and couldn't see anything in the air, no smoky-like cloud or anything... I guess it's just the smell of the bud. Thanks for the help!
    You All Crazy Bitches!



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