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Thread: How long does an eighth last you?

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    god you people don't smoke a lot,

    you see for me i tend to smoke to i get Stoned outta my mind, if lucky it well last me a half a day and thats by myself, with friends, for some reason it tends to stay around a lot longer, maybe about 2 days with friends becase i don't like smoking with people becase i always think there leeching my shit..
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    like a day or two
    Soon to be Famous!

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    1/8th will last me like 1-2 days it used to last like a week depends on how much you smoke

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    Used to last me a week, now I go through an 1/8th in 2-4 days, depending on how much I have. If there's only one 1/8th then I try to stretch it out a week, but if I got more then it goes quicker... have more, use more I suppose heheh

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    I smoke with a lot of people. If it's by myself and low on cash (usually the case when I'm by myself, groups of people always wanna do expensive things) I can make it last 5-7 days.

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    I'd proberly smoke an 1/8th in about a week. I got a half ounce and iv almosted finshed it off, its been about a week and a half. lol. so yeah, mybe an 1/8th would only last me a few days haha. Gonna try and make the rest of my weed last at least another 2 weeks tho. Hard tho if i don't stop tokin
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    An henry (1/8th) of standard 'tings' last me 2-2 1/2 days if I am working, or 3 days if I ent. I seem to smoke more during the day while at work than when I'm spending a day @ home. I prefer it that way cause there is only so much I can smoke at work, but at home I can smoke and smoke and smoke but i'd run out sooner, and spend more money. FK i'm stoned now and i dunno what I'm on about... roll another 1!

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    If the weed is Ice strain then 1/8th last me a whole week and I'd be high all week too without comedown

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