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Thread: How hard is to pass a drug test with someone else's piss?

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    How hard is to pass a drug test with someone else's piss?

    For employment. I'm looking for a job and some places screen for drugs. I told my friend this was holding me back and he's like "why not just take a cup of my piss with you for the test?". Is it really that easy? I'm not giving up weed, but I would like to work at some places that drug screen. Exaclty what is the drug screening process like for employment? Could I just tape a cup of my friends urine to my leg and then use that? Or is that way bust?

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    They test the temperature. Unless you can keep his piss at body temperature and hidden, it won't work.

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    put it on top of your cars de froster and b4 you get there tape it to your nuts
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    easily done my friend, easily done- gonna need 2 test toobs, 1 big enough to hold the amount of needed piss, and one about 1.5 times bigger.

    piss in the small one, then fill the big one full of PIPING HOT water. make sure there all sealed and shit and slip the small one into the big one

    can also do this with ziploc baggies or some shit too



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