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Thread: Using Isopropyl to make cannabis oil

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    Using Isopropyl to make cannabis oil

    Ok so i have some Isopropyl alcohol that says it is 50% by volume..... On the side it also says "dangerous if taken internally"..... im assuming this only means if it doesn't all evaporate..... Will this work for making safe, clean oil?

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    You can get all the iso to evaporate. Google the terms 'iso hash' and 'isopropanol hash' to see how it's done.

    You'll need a glass pan to do the evap step in, so you can scrape it out easily at the end. The iso evaps off first, and then there is a long, VERY slow gentle heat step where you remove the water as well.

    The product is inferior to water-extracted hash, because the chlorophyll is co-extracted and makes it taste like nasty pond water, and if you have a choice between iso hash and nothing, I'd save your trim for cannabutter instead. I have several grams of iso hash that NO ONE will take- I have GIVEN them to people and they are like, yeah this stuff sucks, you have it. lol.



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