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vitamin A,B12,C,D. thiamin,ribflavin,niacin,folate,biotin,calcium,mag nesium,zinc,selenium,potassium,chromium,maganese,C reatine monohydrate,and stevia
In which none of these ingredients will rid the body of THC.

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look, i recently used the xxtra clean green apple detox drink, i had smoked a week before and im a very regular smoker. the drink worked great, didnt even come up deluted. i drank it at 10, and followed up w/ the bottle refilled w/ water 15 minutes later. i drank a cup of hot tea about an hour later. I took the test at 1:30 and my piss was not 2 clear or anything. and it was a test at a clinic, not just a simple test from a drug store.
The bottom line is youve passed because you diluted the THCA concentration in your bladder - regardless of how you want to slice it. You wouldve passed just the same using the same fl. oz of water/B2 as the magic potion/water cocktail.