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Thread: HPS vs. MH Lights - Big Difference?

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    HPS vs. MH Lights - Big Difference?

    you will lose out on yeild as the HPS will give you fatter tighter bud's.have a look on ebay for a light,there alot cheaper than getting it from your local grow shop and safer if you live in the U.S

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    Before you buy anything I highly recommend reading everything on this webpage for it has what you need to know about lights:

    And if you really want to become a cannabis genius I suggest you devour the entire FAQ located at:

    From what I understand HPS is the WAY to go as far as flowering is concerned. You also might consider an enhanced spectrum HPS bulb. They try to take everything that a HPS bulb has (spectrum wise) and add what the MH has (spectrum wise (bluish)). I have only heard good things about these bulbs..

    Q: What is the difference between Standard and Enhanced Performance HPS Lamps?
    A: Standard High Pressure Sodium lamps emit an orange/yellow color that is similar to the sun's spectrum in the mid day. This type of light promotes flower growth. However, as mentioned above, the lack of blue spectrum light in Standard HPS bulbs can sometimes make a plant stretch during the vegetative growth stage. Enhanced Performance HPS lamps have a wider blue spectrum, which makes a significant difference in plant growth.

    I hope this answers your questions. Again browse the growfaq @ before asking any more questions. You would be surprised by how many people have the same questions as you!

    Happy Growin,

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    HPS definatly better for flowering. MH is good for vegging. HPS gives better overall yield, while MH cuts down flowering time by up to a week. Do you want quality buds or buds you can have in a shorter time? You make the choice.

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    if it`s convienient for you, go with the metal halide, the difference in the bud will be minimal, and it will be easier since you already know where to get one

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    i use one like this,its got red and blue spec

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    money permitting i'd keep the seedlings under the floros for 2 weeks..... get the 250 mh for vegging and the 1000 hps for flowering and you will have the best lighting for all 3 stages of growth.................go on spend some cash...



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