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Thread: what a good ph and temp for clones

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    what a good ph and temp for clones

    have a clone box that sprays water
    what a good ph for clones
    how warm should the water be,

    It get cold in basement.

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    Check out the FAQ section..!

    I don't grow cannabis, or condone to the growing of anything illegal.. The pictures I post here are pictures I've found on the internet. Don't take anything I say about growing seriously, because It's purly fictional.

    ...After all, you do catch more flies with a bucket of crap than with a teaspoon of honey!!

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    I'm Bob's liar..i mean.. lawyer...
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    i tried unsuccessful to grow indoor

    i had a false fire alarm go off and the fire brigade went thro house whil i was out

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    try 70 degrees ph isn't as important for clones, but 5.8 is optimum for hydro 6.5 is optimum for soil...distilled or RO water is necessary to get you cuttings off to a good start.lw



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