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Thread: Head Shops N.Ireland

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    Head Shops N.Ireland

    (Inspired by the downsouth head shop post)
    Hey guys, if you know any head shops around in n.ireland i would be interested to know

    Bought a little pipe from fresh garbage in belfast city center but fancy something different, somewhere with a big more range!

    Also, a weird shop located inside the "instores" also in belfast city center. I have tried to go into 3 times in my life, each time he has asked for ID, the one time i had it with me (drivers licence) he then refused me and said he doesnt not accept drivers licences (I am 20!) I then asked what does he want a passport or birth cert (taking the piss) he then went on to say no he does not accept those either!

    Also i found this on google "inside BassDivision at 31 Queen Street, Belfast (beside craftworld)" Some sort of music shop with a head shop inside/upstairs? May check it out tomorrow.

    Please share any others and a little bit of info about them would be good for others to reference thanks.

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    i havent been anle to get smoke for months as i have just moved house. in lisburn now. i need help.

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    Hey, yea the Bass Division is pretty much a head shop inside of a music store. They're not secretive, everything is out on display. They have pretty nice stuff and for a good price too. The guy I talked to seemed pretty cool, although he was no good in helping me find anything that he wasn't selling in the store.



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