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Thread: Dube Tube 2.0

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    Dube Tube 2.0

    I dont know if anyone else on this board does this but theres a great way to make the dube tube more effective. Before putting the 3 to 5 dryer sheets into the toilet paper roll, spray each side of the dryer sheet throughly with something like Fabreese or some sort of deodorizing spray (not just something that only "masks" the oder) after my sesion my room smelt like it just got cleaned instead of bud.

    Does anyone else take this extra step?
    - Stumpy

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    haha yeah i did that with this shitty perfume i found
    also, i have like 12 sheets stuffed in mine, plus a rolled up paper towel at the beginning of it. that shit kills ANY smell.
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    ya but make sure you dont inhale into the tube after you exhaled the smoke



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