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Thread: Best way of covering up the smell?

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    Best way of covering up the smell?

    I'm living with family and they don't know I smoke and I'd like to keep it that way. (Only smoking when no ones home but the smell can linger. I'm looking for effective ways of hiding the smell
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    All you really need is a dube tube and some ventilation in the area. Open a window and turn the fan on or something. I smoke when my dad's in the living room, using a dubetube and keeping the fan on and he doesn't know.

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    Smoke outside, spray some axe when you come in.

    You can smoke without your shirt on too then put it on when you get inside if you don't want your shirt to smell, then put deodorant and axe on.

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    doob tube
    incense/axe/scented candle
    ceiling/bathroom fan

    those are all you really need to keep the smell away.

    and in case you don't know how to make a doob tube:

    you take an empty toilet paper/paper towel roll and stuff anywhere from 8-15 dryer sheets (fabric softener/anti-static sheets for your laundry) and tape one around the end. just blow your hits through this, and your room is hotboxed in potsmoke that smells like laundry. be sure to make a new one after like 10-15 sessions, though. they get old.
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    Be smart and walk outside. Why even risk the shit.

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    doob tube... or ax... or air... air usually doesnt work that well can always smell it but if its light people who dont know the smell wont recognize it if its very weak.
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    if you can use incense. use nag champa (sp?) can find it at spencer comes in a blue box with red lettering.. covers up just about anything

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    What I do:

    - Go into the bathroom
    - Place a towel under the door
    - Turn the ventilation fan on
    - Blow into the fan so it goes straight outside
    - Remove the towel
    - Spray air freshener

    Job done!

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    Smile You might consider...

    Getting a vaporizer. Way low odor, uses less pot for the same high and you can still use the left-overs to make brownies. - Granny

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    oh, i have a whole system worked out for bathroom/bedroom smoking!
    I used to live with really uptight roomates who were against any skoking but nicotine (go figure ) and now I live with my parents (against ANY kind fo smoking and ex stoners) and my little brother who is a big time pot head.
    So far... these little hints have worked out for me, even when im smoking in a smalll group at home.

    1. have a smush. a smush is something i came up with when i kept getting caught with dube toobs (how do you explain that away by still maintaining you dont smoke) so, take a stuffed animal (a larger one works best, it also helps to muffle coughs!) and cut a neat gash in it's body, larg enough for you to move around some stuffing. Now, take as many dryer sheets as you see fit (try 20-30) and lay them in flat against the belly side of your smush. put and equal amount on the backside and refluff the stuffing.
    now, stich it back up (or just leave the whole for easy refreshing!)
    if your really paranoid about smell, spray some perfume onto the smush's body between hits or rotations or whatever.
    I know it sounds really geeky.... but it actually works better than a dube toob cause the smoke has stuffing and fur to go through too... and if you dont sew the side up, it makes a nice little stash keeper.
    boys who dont have stuffed animals.... pillows work too, but dont look near as cool

    in my bathroom, i have a coupld bottles of body powder and baby powded. before each smoke session (and this can be several times a day!) i lightly spread baby poweder in folds of towels, the inside of my bathroom, the carpet and my dirty laundry. the powder helps to cover scent, and putting it into anything soft stops things from absorbing the smell. just makes sure you rub it in if it makes white dots!!
    i also put this im my bedroom and closet floor and launsdry pile in there.

    keep a towel close by (that has babypowder on it hopefully!) use this towel to cover up a bowl after it's been hit and needs a break. weed, burnt, burning or not smells. stop the smell from spreading

    it's best to exhale into the airvent, but i know standing on your toilet doesnt always make the most comfortable standing place. just make sure it's on and the body edge of your door is blocked.

    i never use a rolled towel to cver the edge of my door, sometimes i get to stoned and forget to move it and thats a hard question to answer. instead, use your dirty laundry. no one asks questions about dirty laundry except why it's not in the wash

    spray the edges of the door with body spray.
    i dont know if thid actually does anything, but i do because i hope it screens the smell if it gets through the cracks.

    if you dont have febreeze, body spray, perfume or in a pinch spray gel or hairspray.
    becareful though, alot of that is flamable.

    also, steaming water is your bestfriend. put some shampoo in the sink and turn the hot water on, the heat spreads the shampoo smell.... or wash your face with noxzema!
    or.... just take a shower, and exhale into the spray stream.

    haha, clearly i spend alot of time thinking about this!

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    1. burn incense in evening.
    2. roll spliff, save for later.
    3. "Night everyone I'm off to bed" aka don't disturb me.
    4. Open window + lean out
    5. BUZZUP!

    Any hints of smell that drift back will be either covered up by previous incense and have gone by the morning.

    ***Do not get too stoned and exhale inside***

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeyToker View Post
    if you can use incense. use nag champa (sp?) can find it at spencer comes in a blue box with red lettering.. covers up just about anything

    i ALWAYS use nag champa incense to cover up the smell. but i don't live with my parents. problem with incense is, is that a lot of people know that it's used to cover up the smell of weed. but if you use incense, def use nag champa. that shit covers up the smell better than any other incense i've ever used. and i always burn incense.

    but with the parents, a good way to cover up the smell is to open a window, grab some febreze, and blow the smoke out the window. also, turn a fan on.

    if you smoke in the bathroom, turn the hot water on in the shower and put a towel under the door. air freshener afterwards, and you're good!


    chillin' with the bong
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    yeah man incense fuckin rules..

    or if you wanna be safe.. go for a walk.. then chud and eyedrops
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    I have windows on both sides of my room so sometimes I like to open the windows all the way at night, turn all the lights off and just chill in the darkness with a joint and the breeze going through the room. Sometimes I'll chill by the window and stare out into the dark trying to trip myself out lol.



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