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Thread: What are your pipe's names?

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    Mrs. Betty-Bong-Bong!
    ×[¤(¯`·._)(¯`·._.·You should use a metal head connected to a direct intake system with an elongated barrel - for the best results for your bong

    sweet sweet sweet Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol For All!

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    Molino Glass bong- The Square Fader

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    I have a light blue bong named Squidward

    I have a homemade wooden pipe named Double F (forest fire)

    I have a yellow 5 foot bong named Duchess

    go ahead and use those names but don't let me know lol

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    glass pipe #1-Asian Dragon << My fav One
    Glass Pipe #2-Holy Smokes
    Glass Pipe #3-Mr. Surreal

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    my old bubbler was called the guillotine

    for my new one its bewteen aqualung and xanadu help me decide

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    my bowls name is Bestfriend.

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    I have this bubbler that is, aptly, called The Hydra, or Hydra. As in, "Hey, go get the Hydra," or, "Is Hydra around??"

    It is called that because it is a bubbler, so it uses water, has a long chamber that is roughly the size of a corncob (in terms of just the bowl part, the hammer looking part) and then it has a tail that is curled twice and it has spikes on the curls. It also has these bubbles coming out all over the hammer that remind me of eyes. Now that its filled in its sky blue in the background, and the swirls going all throughout are dark blue and orange. They twist together and stuff

    So, The Hydra

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    first bowl - Woody (obviously made of wood...the resin baked in it well. I could get a good high off the same resin about 3 times before i needed to reload it)
    second bowl - Tinny Wankel (just sounded funny)(homemade)
    first bong - Sir Issac Newton's Duct Tape Date Rape Experience (i used Tinny Wankel as the bowl for it and it required a lot of duct tape)
    first glass bowl - Quarter Watt Ressurectinator ( Quarter- the amount we bought with it, Watt- looked like a light bulb while hitting, Ressurectinator- we always think it's cashed, but when we call last hit it sparks up and gives us about 5 more good hits...crazy)

    Best Bong name I have ever heard= Balls Deep in Burt Renolds(sp?)

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    my first glass bowl: n****er

    glass bong: the ripper

    glass bubbler: the big lebowlski

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    you have good taste in pipes.

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    My first pipe is named Gung Farmer, my friend was completely high and drunk when he named it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guyoscar View Post
    first bowl - Woody (obviously made of wood...the resin baked in it well. I could get a good high off the same resin about 3 times before i needed to reload it)
    haha, i bought a woodpipe that i named woody as well. did me well enough for awhile. but something's wrong with the mouthpiece, so it doesn't hit. oh well.

    i've had a small guitar bowl for several months now. it's name is lil v. my bong, is the force.
    ahhh i need a new sig

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    "The Fanciful Contraption" - multi-colored ceramic four hosed hookah, the first person who saw it said "Well, isn't that a fanciful contraption." My roomate fell from his top bunk, asleep, and fell through it and the table it was on. I woke up and the room was covered in bongwater and ceramic shards, I was so high I was like "Fuck it" and went back to sleep.

    "Double D" for Daytona Destroyer - badass bong I bought in Daytona on Spring Break for $35 that would've been $100 most places

    "Casey Jones" - back when I was broke I used a metal male/female slide with a big metal bowl to make the exact same bong over and over out of a two liter bottle, duct tape and chewing gum, I would make a new one like every two weeks. everybody would hate on it when they saw it, like "whats that piece of shit?", then they would hit it and it hit like a champ and would blow them the fuck away haha. so that design is called "Casey Jones" cuz its a home run hitter. its still one of the best hitting bongs I've ever used. actually, sometimes when I'm hanging out with a bunch of people and its getting kind of lame and boring and we don't have any good pieces, I'll make one in about 15 minutes with a bic pen and tinfoil for the stem and bowl, the whole time people give me shit like "what the fuck are you doing?" then they hit it and are like "holy shit, I can't believe this thing hits so nice." hahaha, I love that shit, i feel like a magician, give em the old sleight of hand.

    "Rocky Balboa" - this perfect onehitter I used to take everywhere with me, i loved it, then the end chipped off and I was so sad, so I filed it down so it wasn't sharp and kept using it. I named it Rocky Balboa cuz it got the shit kicked out of it but it didn't care, it kept fighting

    "Lil' Janky" - this little bubbler that was just a glass vial with a rubber stopper with two holes for the metal bowl and a tube for a mouthpiece. it was little, and it was janky, and this was when crunk first got big and everyone started calling themselves Lil'. and it only held like an ounce of water so we would use beer and drink it after every bowl, it tasted delicious

    "Gandalf" - a huge wooden pipe with a stone bowl my friend brought me from India

    Shit that was fun, I can't believe I remember all that!
    I actually don't name most of my pieces, as you can see the names kind of have to have a reason

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    i have only named one of my pipes and its my metal travel pipe (i dont like leaving the house with my glass pipes do to several accidents i have had)

    the name - Davvy Jones
    it has a kick ass skull and cross bones on it so it seemed only necessary to name it that.

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    I have an old wooden pipe i made that me and my friends call "johnny Appleseed" and i like to call my hitter/box "the mother ship" sometimes as a joke...

    - I believe in a long, prolonged derangement of the senses to attain the unknown. Our pale reasoning hides the infinite from us. -

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    First bowl: Lee
    Second bowl: Gal
    One hitter: Ize
    Bong: It

    Legalize it!
    And it's mad easy to say. "Dude, bring Lee and Gal!"

    Life is Good

    Quote Originally Posted by blunt smoker View Post
    Good choice. If I were you guy, I would roll me a blunt and find a nice relaxing place without people, and I would smoke that blunt. I would smoke that blunt until it was no longer a blunt. Then I would do something fun, and later hear on the news that the 12:30 a.m. bus was operated by a suicide bomber and blown to bits... ahem..

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    Smoke The Herbs!

    i got a 11in. steam roller it looks like a dragon wht should i call it?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What are your pipe's names?-0511000029.jpg  

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    I actually only have 1 piece now(I tend to have VERY bad luck with breaking, losing or having them stolen!) It is named Jerry Jr.

    I name them all after Grateful Dead member, and my first bong(R.I.P.) was named Jerry, after Jerry Garcia. I thought I would pay respect to the man and the bong by naming my bowl after them.

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    I dont name my pieces because I have over 15 of them and would rather use my time tokin from them than picking a name ill prolly forget.

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    i named my first pipe the chubbs for being fat obviously

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    Dayam this is an old ass thread

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    My favorite piece is named the dutchess. Picked her up from The Purple Ringer in florida. Best headshop ive ever been to. Also picked up an 18" bong that im thinking about naming it blue. Have many other pieces but those are my favorites!

    DISCLAIMER: everything I post and say are lies. I am simply roleplaying. All photos were found on the internet and/or fake!! I do not grow or use anything illegal.

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    First bowl- Otis
    Current bowl- Mr.
    The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e., the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force.
    -Karl Marx

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    I use to name my whole collection...then it was all stolen, except one spoon named ex named it when we were stupid just stuck...

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    What do I call my pipe? Well, I call my pipe, PIPE!!!!!!

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