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Thread: Most efficient way to smoke?

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    Most efficient way to smoke?

    I'm picking up a half of Master Kush tomorrow and its the most expensive weed I've ever bought. I am really excited but dont wanna suck it up with blunts. I was wondering what the most efficient way to smoke is? I have multiple bowls, papers, and of course blunts are always positive.

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    i find vaporizers to be the most enjoyable
    it is pretty far on the conservative side on weed usage
    then again bongs are sweet too

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    Vape, knife hits, or gravity bong
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    Vaporizer, or pack the bowl of a standard bong with EXACTLY the amount you know you will consume in one hit.

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    yeah just load up one hit at a time. its a little more tedious, but you don't waste any burning between hits.

    If you're in a sunny location try solar rips, load your bong and use a magnifying glass to light it. it might not be the most efficient way, but it certinaly is the tastest and one of the coolest!

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    Well... for me, making hash oil and vaporizing it is by far the most efficient way to smoking. As its way stronger than weed, it takes far less to get the effects (even if theyre shorter), and as its vaporized instead burnt, there is no loss due burning. Making it takes some time and effort, but for me its completly worth of it.

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    vape it, if aint got a vape

    i will have to vouch for bong, if u dont got a bong, then go make yourself a gravity bong, that only needs an empty plastic bottle.

    knife hits have a good chance of getting wasted but if u can avoid the waste are pretty damn efficient.

    bongs are always sweet as well
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    one hitters, of course. that's by far the most conservative. if you don't like the taste of metal, buy a groovy little glass one and that'll do ya. i used to sit outside my dorm and smoke the funky junky with both discretion AND conservation...



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