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Thread: Best way to smoke in room without others knowing?

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    Best way to smoke in room without others knowing?

    Ok I tried the search function but it wasn't working. In a couple weeks I'm going to have to move back home with my parents andmy brother in their 5 bedroom house. Is it possible to smoke in my room on a daily basis without them knowing? I do have a window in my room but there's a screen over it so it's hard to get all the smoke out. My room is kind of in the middle of the house too. I'd like to be able to smoke in my room and not go outside because my waterpipe is pretty big and it would be hard/risky to take it in and out of the house everytime I smoke. Any suggestions?

    Oh, and I'd only be smoking at night after they were asleep.

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    Many different methods. Some will suggest a toilet paper tube with dryer sheets at the end to mask the smell.
    However, I've come up with a very good formula for completely eliminating any traces.
    Step one, put on the fan, point it toward window.
    Step two, get a jar or a shot glass or something see through to place over your bowl while you toke, it'll trap any leakage smoke.
    Step three, get a towel, get it wet, and blow your hits into the towel.
    Step four, light incense stick, walk around to each corner of the room and blow a little smoke in each corner, stifle the flame of the incense and turn off the fan.
    And if you're worried about noise, music.
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    Do you have a car? Go take a drive.
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    dude if it's at night you'll be fine, just make sure you blow all the smoke out and if you have a fan turn that on behind you towards the window
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    at night you shoudnt be having issues, plus the smell will be gone soon if you leave the window open. its better, im my opinion if you go outside, since ur parents will be asleep its fine to sneak out with ur pipe they wont see you. that way you hardly smell and youre parents have no need to suspect you. indoors smoking im my opnion is always too risky. make a flap in the mesh to blow the smoke out of lol

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    yeah dude youll be fine unless your moms a crazy bitch and wakes up sometimes throughout the night and decides to see if your in the room sleeping or what your doing.....yeah thats my mom.....but you should be fine like 3 hours will air a room out without a fan 45 min will air it out with a fan usually

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    do you smell bacon?

    cook bacon on a hot plate in your room!

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    Urmmmmmm, mas tricky. The problem with rooms close to the center of the house is ventilation. If smoke enters the ventilation system, it's possible for it to travel to other rooms. There is one bathroom in my apartment that if I smoke in, the whole apartment smells like weed in 2 minutes!!

    For your situation, I would recommend this procedure:

    1. Get a 'tea light' burner and some oil. 'April Rain' is an awsome light scent, gets rid of herb, and doesn't linger long.
    2. Light said tea light and oil BEFORE smoking.
    3. CLose room door and place towel at bottom of door.
    4. Only open your window to vent if there is no danger of the smoke reentering the it's not going to come back in through a different window.
    5. By time you've done all that, smoke.
    6. When you're done, let the tea light and oil burn for about 5 or 10 minutes more. If you're smoking a joint or blunt, you may need to let it burn even longer.

    I've found that little method works best when using pipes. Pipes help to trap smoke and keep it from long as you don't forget to cap it. Joints and blunts produce heavier and denser smoke, much harder to get rid of the smell.

    If you can, turn on any ventilation before you start smoking. Simple physics...air will travel the path of least resistance. Turning on the A/C will increase the air pressure in your home. When you open a window to vent, that smoke is going to pop right out b/c it is the best path with the least obstructions.

    Good luck.
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    I think it would be better if you didn't smoke in some ones house without them knowing. if you're in a period of life where you have to hide the fact that you smoke from the person(s) you are living with then it's best that you learn how to roll, and ditch the devices. It's a lot easier to keep some papers handy with your sack anyway, that way you can remove yourself from their living space before you toke up, its a lot more pleasant to smoke outdoors if you ask me.

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    yeah i love smoking outdoors at home, mainly because my parents live on a lake and its always really quiet at night. i would suggest driving somewhere or going to a friend's house, but definitely be careful with driving and smoking. i would never smoke in my parents house because they don't, but that's just me.

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    Dude just light some sandalwood incense, but make sure that you light that shit while your parents are still up, let them see that you doing it 'because you like the smell' or 'because ur room smells like shit' just so that they dont suspect anything when they smell incense in their house. Second make an asshole (water bottle, hole in bottom, dryer sheets) That takes care of the weed smell. After doing that, if your parents still suspect something and/or catch you, then they're good. Really fucking good!

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    dude those screens on your window are easy to take off and put back on. just lift the screen from the top part of it and it will release. to put it back do it in reverse. now, thats what i do and i dont have to use no fan, no lysol, no nothing. light that shit up with half of your body stickin out the window. only go out the window when your going to take a hit and blow the smoke. FLAWLESS!! i do it all the time.

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    all u need is a fan and incense. put the fan in the window backwards and light an insence. works fine for me. just dont be paranoid about it.

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    blow your smoke out a window if you can. maybe have a candle lit to avoid hearing the lighter go "ch-ch" too many times. put on a fan which also helps cover up any small noises you don't want them to hear. spray some febreeze/cologne. bake at 420 degrees for 3 hours.
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    a cloaking device

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    Quote Originally Posted by west coast style
    Do you have a car? Go take a drive.

    Driving stoned is irresponsible, and puts you at all sorts of risk.

    Coppers can smell weed a mile off

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    Blow into a pillow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swift707
    dude those screens on your window are easy to take off and put back on. just lift the screen from the top part of it and it will release. to put it back do it in reverse. now, thats what i do and i dont have to use no fan, no lysol, no nothing. light that shit up with half of your body stickin out the window. only go out the window when your going to take a hit and blow the smoke. FLAWLESS!! i do it all the time.

    hahahaha. imagine what your parents will say if they see you hanging out of the window. if you must do it, get a $10 box fan from wal-mart, turn it so its blowing out and then just blow your smoke towards it and it will suck it out. then just spray febreeze or light some inscense.

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    put a tower under all doors and over ventilation things (if you have to) and either put a fan near the window pointing out and smoke by it, or you can buy ozium. i love that stuff. its a gylcol based air sanitizer and a one second spray will remove almost all odors from a baked out room. if it doesnt work, just spray some more. i got my can of ozium at a sheetz by my house by other air fresheners

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    this has been said already, but if your family is asleep, just sit on the back porch if you have one. if not, sit on the ground in the back yard
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    you will be fine if they dont come in your room.
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    i have been smokin every night after my parents go to sleep with a big bubbler out on my front porch. it's so quiet and dark, and i could always just say i was goin out to my truck to get something. i just toke it up slowly so i can max my tch per hit.
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    One thing to remember- Air moves from the cooler area to the warmer. If you live in the South, where it's warm at night and many people have nice cool air conditioning, when you open the window the air will naturally move from your room to the outside. If it is colder outside, however, the air will move from outside into your room. This forces the air in your room to move someplace else, like out in the hall and other rooms in the house. It's not like a big wind or anything, you probably won't even notice it. Just remember that it's easier to get busted when it's colder outside than inside.

    One thing I used to do was to get a 5-6' piece of garden hose. Put most of it out the window and close the window so that its only open enough to let the hose stay there. Use something like a one hitter that doen't produce a lot of secondary smoke after you hit it, and then blow your hit out the window through the hose.
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