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  • mos def chron. quality over quantity man.

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  • get high-mids. it will last you longer.

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  • couldn't tell ya.

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Thread: High Mids vs. Chron

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    High Mids vs. Chron

    quick question/survey.

    I'm about to make a purchase tomorrow with my friends. We're buying at my hometown and bringing it back to our college, so we're spending few bucks to last us for awhile.

    High mids have been very good to me. But nothing beats chron. It's just the price that makes it hard to get.
    If you've familiar with buying both types, please tell me your area's price and what you prefer buying.
    I enjoy quality over quantity but sometimes you can get a better deal with good-enough (high mids) stuff. But it's been said that with chron, you need less to get the job done.
    What do you think?

    Let's say we're spending about $100.

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    I could get something pushing close to an ounce of high-mids for $100, While I might get around 10 grams of chron for that price.

    So personally, I'd go for high-mids because I'd get like twice the amount. That's because, around here, mids sell for the same as reg (you know, mexican brick junk-weed). I'd pick chron over reg definitely though.

    I guess it also depends on what you plan to smoke out of... if it's joints or blunts, I normally only roll high-mids into them... if it's a bowl or especially a bong though, the chron might be worth it then.

    Just gotta know your circumstances and what fits best with it.

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    lately we've found the joy of smoking out of bongs.
    so bong is our cannon if that changes your answer.

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    I could get an ounce of high mid for $100 or about a quarter of dank. I would definately get the high mids because you and a few people would blaze through that quarter in no time.
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    i usually buy the finest bud i can find. I have many dealers so shitty weed is arround but chron is also I can buy it in decent prices (from 4 to 10 euro) coz i help my dealers out sometimes or i make the middle man if they want some quick money. now my dealer has skunk that gives it to me for 5euro/g, but he always puts 2-3 grams more in my bag

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    I go with high mids, personally. Since I smoke other people out pretty often, I don't want to use up an 1/8th of weed I spent a shitload for.
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    I would buy the chron.

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    it depends on how close in quality they are... if theres only a slight dif in qual but a large price/amount dif then id get the highmids
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    definatily high mids
    smoke bud all day everyday till the day i die

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    the quality difference almost isnt worth it, go for the mids bro!

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    Well, I ended up buying a 1/4 of chron.
    It's high quality blueberry.
    and no doubt it's the real thing.
    stringy hairs, crystals, extremly fluffy, strong smell, strong taste, crazy high.
    thanx for your input!

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    Im in this business of terror got a handful of stacks Better grab an umbrella

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    Well, at this current time, I'd have to say I'd buy the chron...but I just smoke with myself and one other friend.

    I used to just buy mids...high-mids were very nice to get but it seems that people have differing views on what high-mids mean. I enjoy the couchlock effect of some so-called "high-mids" but they better smell and taste right too. I've had some dealers try to sell me midz that I could swear were close to regs. Jeez I haven't smoked regs in years.

    Anyway, if you are smoking with friends, I'd try to go with the high-mids if you can get decent ones at a decent price for a decent amount. But if you're solo-tokin', go with the chronic. It just tastes and smells so much better. And suposedly better on your lungs.

    Be safe and smart.

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    I really don't know.
    depends on the circumstances

    BTW 200th POST!!!



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