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Thread: Changing tolerance level...

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    Changing tolerance level...

    Well i have this thing planned out and on that day i want to get really fucked up. I smoke about 2 times a day, and i was wondering if i didnt smoke for about a week and a half would that be enough time for my tolerance level to change? Which would result in me getting more fucked up? Thanks for listening.
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    if you smoke 2 times a day and quit completely for a week and a half i would say your tolerance would drop a good bit

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    Probably, 2 weeks usually gets your tolerance back down pretty low.

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    It will help. But I find that my old tolerance levels come back after a few days back on smoking. Have you tried smoking a different strain?

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    If your smoking everyday and your body is that used to it, just a week should do you good.
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    during that time off, drink water and excersice plus when u do start smokin again try a differant strain

    i have hardly no tolerance due to switching strains
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    I've stopped for a week or 2 sometimes
    cuz i work with my grandfather on the road so no smoking ya know
    but yes point is, i've stopped and came back
    and had pretty much the same tolerance level...
    could depend on wtf i was smoking musn't have been strong
    i just say it all depends on what kind of bud you're smoking
    if it's weak boo, if it's nice you'll know lol
    like some stuff i smoked lately gets me high but for a short time..
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