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Thread: When is it safe to smoke after wisdom teeth removal?

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    When is it safe to smoke after wisdom teeth removal?

    I had 3 wisdom teeth removed on Monday (what a long week its been) and whenever i wanted to smoke ive been putting gauze in my mouth, I'm just wondering when I dont have to put the gauze in anymore and i can smoke like a regular person again lol

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    Do whatever your orthodontist tells you man.

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    If it's been a week and it feels like it's closing up, you might be ok. But you want to be careful. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, I ended up getting dry socket! And trust me, you do NOT want it! I was in major pain and had to have clove packets jammed into the hole where my tooth once was! ouch!

    The smoke can irritate it, but I think it's mostly the sucking action that causes dry socket. So maybe just breath it in slowly or try some edibles if you have access to them. The mouth heals quickly, you should be fine in another week or so!
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    sounds good thanks, yeah i definitley dont, ive been taking every pre caution when ive smoked and they seem to be healing fine

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    yep, the suction is the issue. I didn't have dry sockets and it took me 2 weeks to just open my mouth after getting my 2 pulled, sounds like you are doing fine.
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