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Thread: Hives from Certain Strains of Marijuana?

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    Red face Hives from Certain Strains of Marijuana?

    I cerainly have an allergic reaction when using certain stains of medical marijuana.. Hives with severe itching.. I was told by one of the dispensory worker's that more expensive strains would cause less of a problem as I was purchasing a strain that was cheaper. Lemon Haze caused a severe reaction.. does anyone else have this problem?? Could other symptoms I'm having be caused by an allergic reaction to marijuana which includes diarrhea and vomiting. No fever.. a little itchy around the nose and mouth.. I have to take a antihistimine every day and I am planning on seeing an Allergist as soon as my stupid HMO referral goes in. I am a Meniere's Disease Patient for ten years. Just wondering... anyone know of a certain strain that might cause less of an allergic reactions.... Itchy and Scratchy in San Diego.

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    I have never heard of a strain specific allergy.
    It would be like having a reaction to a red apple but not a green apple.

    My guess would be that there is an underlying issue/allergy.

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    Yes a freind of mine is allergic to NYCD.... hives around her neck... her son had the same reaction...

    Buying the more expensive strains in not the solution... stay away from the one your alergic to
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