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Thread: smoking when u have a cold

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    yeah i usualy take a shot or 2 of sum absolute vodka when i have a sore throat or any chest pain, at first it hurts like a bitch, but the pain resides

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    Think of it this way. Smoking is putting countless harmful substances into your lungs, which right now are trying to heal. If you had a cut on your finger, would you let it heal, or would you keep cutting it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NextLineIsMine View Post
    Alot of people talk about weed as if its some miracle cure-all that defeats all disease. Its horrible for your lungs if you smoke with a chest cold. Toking will take your mind off it but will make it last much longer and you will feel real shitty coming down. Alchohol in moderation is actually great for colds though, a little buzz is great and it acts as a decongestant
    wow i didnt know that alchohol was good when you have a cold. ill have to tell that one to my girl friend. she is really sick right now. its some throat thing though. will it still help or should i have her smoke the m.j?

    she says that a shot would hurt TOO much
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    If you're just chilling in bed edibles or vaporizing are great. Feel good, eat some healthy food and drink a lot of water, take a nap, repeat. I've had the flu for a week and I just started medicating yesterday, plan to keep it up till I get better.

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    seriously tho, isnt it true that you get the munchies from your body being drained of nutrients? personally i make sure i take vitamins when im sick, your body needs nutrients so that your immune system is at full capacity

    and whenever ive had a chest cold and smoked it definatly drags it on longer

    if ur sick and you know it just quit for a week, and ull have no problems smoking when u get back plus its a nice little t-break

    and unless the immune supporting nutrients come from the actual cannibinoids your inhaling i dont see how burnt plant matter could help u when ur sick

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    Since I took up smoking weed, Iv smoked every time I had a cold.
    If you like being high, you will like it weather you have a cold or not. So, if for some weird reason, you like the feeling of having a cold, don't toke. But if you're anything like me, then I suggest you do. Its not gonna make you sicker, its just going to make you feel high. You like feeling high dont ya?

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    It's not good

    Actually weed is an immune system depressant which lowers your immune system and can get you worst. Also alcohol can dehydratate you and when you have a cold or the flu you need your immune system working to defeat the virus, plus you need to be well hydrated.
    Pot has antibiotic properties, but antibiotics act only against bacterias and no viruses. The cold and the flu are viruses, only there is a cure for the flu(tamiflu) but for the cold there is no scientifically proven cure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphd666 View Post
    Actually weed is an immune system depressant

    I've never seen anything to indicate this. Got anything to back this statement up?

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    Whenever I'm sick, which was yesterday, I really just kind of play it by ear. Yesterday my problem was nausea, and smoking a bowl every 3-4 hours calmed it. I have a hard time smoking if I have a head cold where my sinuses are plugged. I still do it, because it helps me to stop concentrating on my sickness, but it can be pretty harsh sometimes. It's these times when I really don't want to smoke(like not wanting to take castor oil), but I know that it will have an overall positive effect.

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