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Thread: Sources of Organic/Natural Nitrogen

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    Sources of Organic/Natural Nitrogen

    I thought i would post up a few good natural/organic sources of nitrogen. You can usually buy these "raw" products at a local garden center.

    Blood Meal:(fast release)
    Made from dried animal blood, mostly cattle, and usually an N-P-K of 13-0-0.

    Feather Meal:(medium/slow release)
    Made from poultry waste, usually an N-P-K of 10-0-0.

    Fish Meal:(fast release)
    Made from remains of fish, usually an N-P-K of 10-0-0.

    Seabird Guano:(fast release)
    Made from droppings of seabirds, usually an N-P-K of 12-8-2.

    Bat Guano:(fast release)
    Made from the fresh dropping of bats, usually an N-P-K of 10-3-1.

    Corn Weed Blocker:(slow release)
    Made from Corn glutton, usually an N-P-K of 9-1-0.

    NOTE: N-P-K values may vary by a couple points.

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    for growing Mimosa Hostillis or Acacia you would plant a pea or bean plant right with it and it would innoculate the Mimosa roots with Nitrogen fixing bacteria and from then on produce its own nitrogen naturally.
    I wonder if you could use the same method and therefore give your roots all the nitrogen they need for a few pennies

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    Hey you forgot human urine,very rich in nitrogen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireBrand77
    Hey you forgot human urine,very rich in nitrogen.
    emm ya i piss on my plants all the time


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    Maybe this could be made sticky so any newbies could see it quickly and cut down on repeated questions.

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    90% of them refuse to read, they'd never see it.
    If you cannot smoke it or eat it, why grow it ?

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    Perhaps a suggestion of pointing those newbies....of which we all were at one stage in our gardens, towards the correct forums and threads....

    I know we can lead the horses to water...just tie 'em off when they get there

    Jah Bless
    Organic Rasta

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    Hey guys...give us newbs a break!!!!

    I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on...but that doesn't stop me from having questions. And sometimes the answers are not as apparant as you'd think they would be.

    Plus also...the reason you think all of us don't because ALL THE ONES WHO DON'T ask repetitive questions that have been answered over and over...while the rest of us really don't say much at all.



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