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Thread: Does cloning during flowering make weak or hermie plants?

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    Does cloning during flowering make weak or hermie plants?

    Hi all.
    Does anyone know if clones taken from flowering plants will produce inferior plants when they’re grown out, with a lower yield, or is the only drawback the longer rooting time?
    Has anyone done this and noticed a difference in yield?
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    Post Got an answer for 'ya......kinda, sorta

    The first time I tried it, the plant had been on 12/12 for a couple of weeks and had started to get buds on the top tips. I was only gonna take lower branch tips that had no buds, and I did except for a couple of experimental cuttings. One was a tip with a bud about the size of a cherry or olive pit, and the other was not even a tip, just a lower portion of a branch I'd already taken the top 4" off of. It was like a 4" long stick with a couple of leaves sticking out of it.

    Does cloning during flowering make weak or hermie plants?-first-grow-002.jpg Does cloning during flowering make weak or hermie plants?-first-grow-007.jpg Does cloning during flowering make weak or hermie plants?-first-grow-004.jpg

    Damn, you can't see on these pix but out of 12 cuttings, 10 survived and were definitly female, no hermies. Even the one that was just a stick with no growth tip. One of the tips didn't make it 'cause the pot it was in tipped over and everything fell like 3 feet to the floor but had nothing to do with it flowering. The one with the bud on it just failed to thrive but I don't know if it was because of the bud or not.

    The second time I tried, it was the first plant's sister about a month later. The buds ranged in size from 3/4 of an inch on the lower nodes to like 3 inches for the 2 main ones. It wasn't ready to harvest but shit happens and it had to disapear. Quickly. Anyhow so it wouldn't be a total loss I removed the buds as gently as possible and tried to leave a growth tip on the end of the branches I was taking to clone. I took 25 cuttings and got to clonin'. After about 3 or 4 days two of this batch didn't quite look female anymore and one of the two sure looked like it had balls where there had been little white hairs. But then some other shit happened (hmm, shit's job must be to happen 'cause it always fuckin' does ) and I haven't seen any of the second batch since then so I don't know for sure if some hermied or even the quality of the plants. Had to be traumatic though.

    Just remember, this is all anecdotal evidence. You might not have the same results, but this is what happened when I did it. Only way to become experienced is to, you guessed it, experience. Try it.
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    buy some superthrive its a stress reliever and works great
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    Exclamation Clones in flower

    One thing for sure you'll have to remember is ......a flowering plant is a flowering plant
    You'll have to wait ESPECIALLY on a clone to revert back to a veg state.
    It may take a couple weeks before this happens, but it will with the proper enviroment required by clones.

    They'll thrive in a humid clone it daily for 10 minutes for some fresh air. Mist your clones afterwards and cover again for another day. After a few days of this.....keep the dome off for a longer period of time .....10 or 20 extra should see roots in no time.

    ...a weak fluoro 24/7 will calm them down.
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    I have one of those domes, but it has no breath holes in it, should I poke holes in it, or just open for periods of time as you suggest?

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    short answer yes it does.

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    Why Would You wanna clone a Plant That Is Flowering? Try It And Let Us know...!

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    Sorry, new to all this! What is a hermie? Why does it happen and what does it mean for the plant

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    Smile A little explaination...

    Hermie is short for hermaphrodite. It is a female plant that has male flowers. It will fertilize itself and other females and if you want seedless bud, you don't want hermies. Sex in cannabis is not as "fixed" as it is in animals. It's more of a sliding scale with pot. A plant can be totally female- unable to produce male flowers naturally. It can be a total male- unable to make female flowers. Most plants fit inbetween the two extremes. Stress and old age can cause what is a female plant to produce male flowers. This is a survival trait that serve cannabis very well in the wild. It ensures the survival of the species. But we want seedless plants, because it is higher in THC than bud with seeds and won't have little exploding seeds when burned. Just how bad of a hermie you get depends on your plant's genetics and how badly it is stressed. If you get a hermie, check for light leaks or other stressors. If s/he only has a few male flowers, you may just want to pick them off every 3 or 4 days. If you miss one, it's not the end of the world. Any seeds will likely be female, but hermie prone, so are not good for breeding (just toss 'em in a field somewhere and make some kid's day! ) And by the way, if you can afford it, get a vaporizer! It takes half the pot to get you high, stealthy- doesn't smell like burning pot, your lungs will clear up and what's left over can still be used in cooking or some folks even smoke it! Try a Vapor Brothers GNES for a good buy.
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    I would wanna clone if it is in flowering. My plant was bagseed and it is awesome. Maybe I can try leaving a lower branch after harvest and I read that if you leave it in the dark and and water lightly or no water at all it will produce seeds. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
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    tryign to clone buds!!

    i will be starting my experiment in 3 days. "waiting on FedX to get here for the last bit of supplies.

    I have no choice but to clone my buds because my dumb ass wife thought that the choppers were on there way and through them in he hills. in short the plant stems ripped off and i only found 7 out of 50 heads that were on the plant. They were around 8 days in to budding. and were 100% outside plants.

    I have been looking for days on the answer to the question, "Can you clone Buds, and does it grow a straight Bud?".. well im doing just that in a few days and i will keep in touch about what happens.

    Just havent decided if im going to use hydro or soil. but should work either way so i may try both ways... who knows. i will be taking pictures and/or making video of the process so other can wither see ti does work or that it is a total waste of time and a failure.

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    Wow, first impression... I'm sure your 'dumb ass wife' thought she was saving your ass. Considering the time of year, it's possible she did. Someone close to me just got busted (and 5 other houses on the SAME STREET) for plants the choppers found.
    Anyway... I'm glad you have such a mutually respectful relationship; glad it works for you. Now, can ya try not to rub it in our faces?

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    cloning flowering plants

    hey guys,

    currently i am growing a clone from a flowering mother. it had an about 3/4 inch size bud on it (best branch i could fine). i rooted it in a dome, with no rooting stimulant, i'm really surprised that it worked and it only took like a week for signs of growth to appear. Now it's been about 3 weeks since it rooted. The small round leaves on the bud have been getting bigger and new white hairs are still forming even though its on a 18/6 lighting cycle, i'm thinking that the plant still thinks its in a flowering state and hopefully will change back to vegetative. The clone has three smaller branches all of which are growing normally. The has been no sign of it going hermie. So, as far as i know i think that you can take a clone from a flowering mother (:

    i'll keep you guys up to date with my clone's process and maybe i can get some pictures too.


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    Check the date. This thread is almost 2 years since it's last post.

    Likely best to start your own thread, in the appropriate section.

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    Haha another revival. Cloning from a flowering plant is no problem. There will be a delay before it reverts to vegging though. But if you are trying to save genetics, yes it will work and no the quality will not be compromised.

    Some growers say that if it is 5 weeks into flowering it will take ~5 weeks to revert to vegging (not sure if this includes the 2 weeks to get roots going) .

    I have taken a cutting from a Puna Budder that was basically just a chunk of bud. It rooted in 2 weeks and took about 5-6 weeks before healthy vegetative growth was restored. It became a big and beautiful plant and behaves normally.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Does cloning during flowering make weak or hermie plants?-dsc03947a-15-reveg-clone.jpg  

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    Talking Clones

    I clone and after 5 days uncover and place under the plants just enough light to penetrate. After another week I place them as normal and all goes well, 98% success rate lol. But have found that cloning takes way to long for me, But regeneration is the way some people don't, but from personal experience I cut to a foot with some small growth still on it, and right about 1 month no more I had a 5 foot plant so, everybody has their own way.

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    Yup it works

    Just got done rooting some plants from girls in 3 weeks of flowering. took 50 cuttings and 43 survived, kept 30 of the strongest and am vegging out the 30 and then will keep 15 of the strongest/best looking.

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    The clone, even though taken in flower, will be a exact genetic copy of the mother plant. It will be identical in everyway, smell, taste, growth structure,yield, ect.

    2 of my strains have been cloned for 3 years. before i had a veg room i would always have to take cuttings late into flower, re veg them, and then veg them again for the next cycle. same god damn plant every run. You wont see any genetic decline.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by grow4fun View Post
    Hi all.
    Does anyone know if clones taken from flowering plants will produce inferior plants when they’re grown out, with a lower yield, or is the only drawback the longer rooting time?
    Has anyone done this and noticed a difference in yield?
    I have done this plenty of times, mainly on outdoor plants where lower branches aren't going to do anything and never had any ill effects on the plant or clones. Just take your cuts, get some gel or w/e you use for rooting compound put em nder 18-24 hrs of light and give em a week or two, mist em if theyre lookin a little wilty. Just my two cents though. Good luck with your grow. Stay Green!!
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