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Thread: Aphid Infestation!

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    Exclamation Aphid Infestation!

    Hey guys, Im a farmer at heart so i have pretty much any pesticide/insecticide there is but it seems the little buggers got an immunity from previous years. If anyone can give me any more organic/natural ways of dealing with our pesky little friends it would be greatly appricated. Also please include your solution by base unit (per/litre or per/Gallon) as it is much easier that way. Some I have heard of inclue vinegar. other dish soap and coca cola. Please get back to me with what you have found best
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    HAve you considered ladybugs?

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    Dish sopa works for all the critters. It gives them the raging shits and they die from dehydration. You don't need much. About 2 tablespoons per gallon in a pump sprayer. Be sure to hit the underside of the leaves. Hit the plants about once every 3 or 4 days.



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