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Thread: plant too big for pot?

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    plant too big for pot?

    hi there this is my very first plant I started in a very small pot and than transplanted it at about 2weeks old to this pot which seemed like a pretty big pot i think its about a 2liter or 3 liter pot.... but the plant seems pretty big now at 5 weeks old... what do you guyz think? is it safe to transplant twice when ? especially when it this size?
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    A lot of people transplant 3 or more times, finishing in 3-5gal pots. I'd say go ahead and do at least one more transplant, they are pretty resilient as long as you don't tear the roots when you're pulling it out.
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    put your lights closer to the plant. your plant is becoming stretched out

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    yeah, dude, you don't want to cramp the roots. I'd suggest transplanting it into a 2 or 3 gallon pot. Make sure the drainage is good on the new pot. That pot looks pretty small and your plant wants to get bigger!
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    thanks guyz

    ok thanks guyz just wanted the opinion of some more experienced people

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    The generally rule of thumb is 1 gallon of pot size for every foot of plant growth. Your pot is less than a gallon so I would repot after a week or 2 depending on how big you want it to get.

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