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Thread: Best northern lights strain..

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    Best northern lights strain..

    i am wondering which seed bank carries in your opinion is the best northern lights strain as i see many seed banks with this strain but prices vary alot. odor is an issue as well ty

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    the best place is sensiseeds(sensiseedbank)northern lights#5

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    I ordered a pack of Nirvana NL from ... i recieved a pack of NL in a KC Brains Seed bank pack, as well as a freebie from Shiva Twister called Cosmic Nights... its Sensi Star x NL... not sure of the origins of these genetics, I got 3 of the 10 KC's to pop, and 4 of the Freebies, two of the three KC's look very Sativa, all the rest have varrying degrees of sativa/indica traits, but the best out of the bunch seem to be the more sativa looking ones, as well as 2 of the freebies, so go figure... as allways, YMMV.
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