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Thread: "The Refriginator"

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    "The Refriginator"

    About a week ago, I was considering converting a fridge.
    Well, if I knew how, I'd post the link but if you're interested, check out; (also on utube) The only thing about it that I dont like is that you pay them like 2 beans for instructions on how to make it. BS if ya ask me! I'd rather design my own blueprints for free!...Anyways, still thought it was cool enough to point out.
    Anybody done this?

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    I still think that as neat as a fridge grow would be, it's a SUPER pain in the rear end, and a panda film tent would be SO much simpler, cheaper, and easier to renovate as your needs change.

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    749 do I still agree with you, I think the selling point on the fridge is the stealth operation potential for parents to grow under the nose of children and even nosey neighbors. I dont however think its suitable for 9/10 grow ops simply due to all the painintheass modifications required.

    Hey congrats on the new "CultiModVatorAtor" status!
    Your skills and amazing level of patience are a real gift to have access to! (speshly fa free) ...and I saw that post "time to spend 4 hrs a day .....etcetc." Whats that? you're here like 10 hrs a day already! HAVE FUN!

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    Hiya, stinky!

    I just made my own pretty stealthy box. It took about a month and around $1500 (lumber, paint, stain, brushes, countersink bits, light, fan, blah blah BLAH). I figured it'd cost about a grand, but there's always things you forget and they add up.

    Anyway, link to the details and a few pics is here:

    I dunno if it'd fool children, but it's crammed into a corner, and the fan isn't really all that noticeable if there's any other sound in the room. At least it looks reasonably stealthy, and if I'm gonna have someone in this room, I'd just turn off the fan, and throw a shirt or two on it to add to the realism. I'm not sure anything other than a securely locked door is REALLY kidproof. I mean, when I was a kid, I got into pretty much everything, sometimes even the stuff that WAS locked. Heh.

    I considered a fridge too, but decided that it'd just be too much hassle to work with, compared to wood. I could be totally wrong about that, of course, since I've never tried to modify a fridge, just the feeling I had that wood would be easier.
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