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Thread: Hardiest outdoor strain (for dry climate)

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    Question Hardiest outdoor strain (for dry climate)

    Hi there!

    For a while now, I've been doing extensive research on the best strain for outdoor growing in southern California under rather dry conditions and mild temperatures year-round (60-80 degrees on average). Ideally, I would like a strain that is both low-maintenance (ie. high water retention) and very hardy, versatile in even less than ideal soil. The consensus seems to be that an indica/sativa mix is desirable, but beyond that it's hard to decide which strain would be the best.

    The outdoor growing area I'm planning on is in a secure but rather remote location, and ideally there would only be a need to water manually once every couple weeks. Another consideration of mine is adding some polymer crystals and some low-tech drip "irrigation" to support hands-off growth.

    Do you folks have any suggestions on what the best strain would be? Among the recommendations I've seen out there are Holland's Hope and Durban Poison -- but it would be great if I could tap into this forum's expertise. Any other tips or personal experience on low-maintenance guerilla growing in general would also be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, guys.

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    I have always thought that Sativa would be much, much hardier in such a hot climate like south cali... An Indica or mix of the two prolly would not do as well as a pure sativa ganja tree!

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    Check out this guys grow under the Spanish sun.. From Thailand, to Holland, to Spain: From Thai stick seeds to smoke able weed: Thai Sinse.

    all of the strains are indica but the thai is full sativa.. check out that monster!



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