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Thread: BBQ charcoal.

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    BBQ charcoal.


    I need to make a carbon filter for my grow and I have lots of BBQ charcoal briquettes. If I were to crush them, does anyone know if this would this work in an air filter?


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    Seems like alot of work to simulate a 80$ Filter that'll last at least 6 months in smaller area.

    I don't think it'll work the same either..

    Invest in a real Carbon filter.
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    'Charcoal' briquetts are not pure charcoal. They have other substances added to them to improve flavor, lighting ability, burn time, etc. of your BBQ.
    What you want is something called 'activated carbon'. This is actually the same stuff you get at the aquarium supply store to remove chemicals from fishtank water. Bonus, it is fairly inexpensive.
    I'm going to stick this thread over in the cultivation section under 'growroom setup'.

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    what you should do is use those brisquettes and cook up a mean ribeye

    another thing i have heard about but not tried(should beable to find out more info here on these boards with a search) is a special kitty litter with absorbing crystals

    but activated carbon is primo stuff
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    charcoal briquettes, no
    but an all natural, chunk charcoal could be used in a pinch if necessary, but never briquetts, wood does not naturally make a briquette shape when burnt, so it has be reshaped with chemical adhesives and would not recomend involving it in anything that will be ingested, including the air supply of a room.

    activated charcoal isnt terribly expensive, some garden supply centers have it, and fish stores obviously, also home water purifiers use activated charcoal so there are some sources.
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