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Thread: Does weed effect the kidneys?

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    Does weed effect the kidneys?

    Hey, i have a kidney disease and i still smoke weed. I smoked before it and with it. Ive told my doctors (because they asked me) and they didnt seem to be worried about it but i have heard it can screw with my kedneys because the thc in the blood stream. and for anyone who doesnt know, the kidneys filter the blood among many other things. i worry becuase there are foods and things a cant have because the stress it puts on my kidneys becuase of the lack of function. dont expect anyone to know, but feedback is cool.

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    If you don't expect anyone here to know why bother to ask, besides if you are really that worried about the effects then don't do it. I would have thought the best advice would be from your doctor.

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    I'll answer this after next semester, after last anatomy and physiology class. (I know we'll be "digging" into the kidneys that semester).

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    Well... im not a doctor, but there are somethings i know.
    The THC is not a poison, nor its harmful to the body in any way, so there is not need to worry about it passing through your kidneys.
    The only problem it would cause is that it alters the levels of water in the body... the cottonmouth is the most obvious effect of this. And low levels of water in the body can help the growing of kidney stones (dont know if its this your problem). But if you drink plenty of water, it should not be a problem.
    Also, doctors usually exaggerates the told dangers of smoking (unless they were pro-MMJ), so if even they were not worried about it, you really shouldnt worry.

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    There are been no reports of any kind of kidney problems with cannabis. I have occasionally heard of people that get an irritated stomach from consumming edibles sometimes.

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    what ya got? I have polycystic KD. never had any problems with my kidneys at all. Ive never had any concern from my urologist. Honestly, only time ive ever felt my kidneys is after drinking whiskey. F-ing hurts! My mother tells me my father was the same way. I drink lightly maybe a handful of times a year, but consume MMJ almost daily! I would say go for it and keep those annual check ups!
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    Quote Originally Posted by killerweed420 View Post
    There are been no reports of any kind of kidney problems with cannabis.

    However, there are no case reports of nephropathy associated with marijuana smoking. (Transplant Proc. 2007 Dec;39(10):3054-6.)
    Department of Nephrology, Transplantology and Internal Diseases, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland.

    ne·phrop·a·thy (n-frp-th)

    A disease or abnormality of the kidney.

    Just in case someone says otherwise, I'd like to back you up.
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    My wife has a hemmoraghic cyst in her left kidney, and smoking MMJ is the only way to keep her on her feet. The Dr. knows this, but keeps prescribing her percocet and vicodin and oxycotin for whenever she is out of pot, just so she doesn't have to deal with the pain. So yeah, I would say that MMJ has nothing bad for the kidneys.



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