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Thread: white stuff on soil

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    white stuff on soil

    hey guys has anyone ever had a white fuzz growing on the soil..if so what is it and how do i get rid of thoughts are because the soil is moist and not drying out fast enough..if im wright what do i do the plants are only seedlings with there second set of leaves just starting to form...i have no ph testers or humidity testers the room is isnt hot and isnt cold..using 6 cfl veg lights.strain is auto bb x auto ak..and the fuzz is only in one or 2 small spots in the pot's...what do i do i dont want to lose my plants...please help!!

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    you should bone up on reading these threads. stinky has a great one on growing the dankness. its stickyed so look for it. basicaly you got mold from not having enough holes in your pots and prolly have no perlite or lightener in your soil plus over watering. what you can do is buy this stuff called serenade. you can find it at your hydro store or even walmart. spray that stuff on and it should kill it. but if its on the surface scrape it off but still spray "serenade" on it so it kills those spores thats in the soil. dont go crazy with the stuff. your supose to lightly mist it for like a week. i might also add that the stuff stinks imo like rotten feet. oh also try to get all the free standing water out of your grow room and keep the humidity down and a fan blowin!

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    let them dry out more between watering.

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    It may also be caused by a lack of ventilation. I had some white fluffy mould on some rockwool a while back, I gave it some ventilation and I added a fan to move the air around and that helped a lot.
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