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Thread: Using 5 gallon buckets indoors...

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    Using 5 gallon buckets indoors...

    This is my first grow...still have a lot to read and learn! I am on a pretty tight budget, so I try to use what I have or find something suitable that is cheaper. My clones are about ready to be transplanted into their final home, also im planning on switching to 12/12 next Monday. I was able to pick up 6 new white 5 gallon buckets...I think that 5 gallon buckets are more than plenty for my girls lifespan, as I hope they dont grow to be 5 feet tall. Can I use the 5 gallon buckets but only fill them 3/4 or 2/3? My grow space is 4' wide x 2' deep x 5-6' tall. I am using a 400HPS. The 10" pots at the hardware or garden store are $8...I picked up 6 new 5 gal buckets for $30. Not a huge savings, but every little bit counts. Please help me with any advice...or criticism. Thank you in advance!

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    5 gallon buckets will work fine. Remember to put some drain holes in the bottom.

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    Wooo, same dimensions as my space. I also have a 400 hps in the mail.

    After I finish up the little bagseed plants I've got now. I'm going to order seeds and run three 5 gal buckets and put a screen over them so they don't get outa hand.

    I'm suggesting you do something along the lines of tying them down or using a ScrOG method.



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    if you are going to not fill them all the way, the buckets that is, make sure you have a fan or something facing the soil, otherwise you can get dead/stagnant air and it shall fuck with your ladies.
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    plenty of space in the 5 gal. just keep the air moving and you'l be fine.

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    If you are really worried about height, you can replant them at an angle... I did that, it worked great!

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    Depending on heat and humidity in your area, you might need to drill some holes in the sides too. If lower root zones are not allowed to dry between waterings, you risk root rot.

    I fill my 5 gallon buckets to within 2" of the top to allow for watering, but as previously stated, you'll want good air circulation at the soil surface. Topping, fimming or tying-down the tops can control height.

    Are you starting them in the buckets, or working your way up to them? Immature plants in a 5 gal. bucket is a waste of nutrients and is more difficult to properly water.

    With only 5-6 feet of headroom, you'll lose about 12" for the light fixture, the distance from the light to the tops about 8-12" (depending on temperatures) and the height of the bucket (about 12-16", I believe) leaves you enough room for about a 2 or 3 foot plant. With a sativa dominate strain this can be problematic.
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