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Thread: cut off yellow/brown leaves?

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    cut off yellow/brown leaves?

    should I cut off yellow/brown leaves still on the plant? some of them have a little green in them, but im not sure if keepin it on there is further stressing the plant. Does removing that part destress the plant or will it use up the green parts to grow more?
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    how old is plant? are you vegging or flowering? leaves on top or bottom? blah blah blah

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    Tinytoon is absolutely right...

    Blooming or vegging?: You want to avoid large amounts of trimming on healthy growth while in bloom. You run the risk of stressing the plant and causing a hermie. Pruning is generally OK in veg.

    Trim Leaves?: Whether you cut off those leaves depends on a lot of factors.

    Generally, if they are the older fan leaves, and they are either easy to pull off, and/or over 50% damaged, the conventional wisdom is take them off. Otherwise, leave them for the plant to use up before taking them off.

    If you have damaged new leaves, then you have a bigger problem than worrying about cutting off the damages. If that is the case, you need to figure out why your new leaves are damaged.

    Generally, leaving dying leaves on the plant doesn't "stress" it nor does removing damaged leaves from a plant "destress" it. (All things being normal and no infectious diseases or molds are present.)

    As an "ornamental" gardener all my life, removing discolored leaves from my MJ was the hardest habit for me to break. It still bothers me to leave them because of my OCD thing.
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