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Thread: Crispy, droopy leaves

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    Crispy, droopy leaves

    This is 15 days old. I have it about 2-3 inches away from a 48w cfl and about a foot away from a 36w Kessil h150 magenta LED. It's about 79F and 60%. Regular potting soil from HEB. See those leaves to the side?

    I watered it and gave it its first squirt of nutrients above the roots about 1/4 recommended strength. The little green top came in 9 hours after that but it seems like the top leaves, although a tiny bit brittle to the touch, seem fine but the lower leaves are a bit yellow (not enough light because of the upper leaves) and the side leaves are droopy and crispy.

    Judging by the picture, what comes to mind? Any more info you need, plese let me know.


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    needs more cow bell

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    If you could fill out the troubleshooting form that does help people get a better idea of what's going on. There's a sticky at the top of the page and if you go to the 2nd page and scroll down to the last post you'll see that Rusty has posted them, one for hydo and one for soil. If you copy that, fill it in as best you can and paste it here in your thread that will help people help you help your plant
    If it were me I'd be paying extra attention to how much I was watering and how often. She'll like getting dry in between waters.
    It could pay to be thinking about some better lighting shortly, your little girl will be needing it.
    Happy growing
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    when u watered did the leaves sit in the nutrient water. if so then that is ur problem. I get this all the time with mine. no big deal as long as the new growth looks good and the problem is not progressing up the plant



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