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Thread: Shotgun Hits

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    Lightbulb Shotgun Hits

    Okay well my stoned ass has deciede on a new thing.... lol
    Shotgun hits are pointless.(that sums it up)
    Lol okay well isnt like most the thc absored in the first 5 second of inhalation(sp)? If so the shotgun hit would just be blowing tar into the other persons lungs. So basically the only point of shotgun hits is so you get your lips on some chicks mouth, or guys(if ur a chick or gay). Does anyone know if this is right and they are just pointless? Or has everyone known this and im just catchin on? lol oh and for those who dont know what a shotgun hit is....
    Search it on google lol im lazy.
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    Yes, it is pointless and gay. But when hot girls ask for them I don't deny .
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    i skeeted in some girls mouth right and she swalloed it and if shd digested it and pissed it out it would go threw her pussy therfore get he pregent??

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    yes, i believe it to be a ploy by men, try and blow me one i'd say pass the fuckin pipe, weirdo
    hey man you gotta joint?

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    Check this little tidbit out. I was watchin the history channel about the guys in vietnam and weed. It turns out the shotgun was developed by them. They put a J in the chamber, and blewthrew it, while someone else gobbled it up from the barrell. It looked pretty sweet.
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