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Thread: What kinds of weed are there?

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    Question What kinds of weed are there?

    Me n my buddies r just begining trying out this stuff and it seems pretty crazy but what kind of weeds are there out there like the names and stuff so i know what to buy

    Also how can u tell how good the weed is or smell how good it is

    If anyone can help since i dont hav a scale is there any easy way to determine the amount of weed that ur buying because we spent like 70 on 7 grams but it didnt seem like 7 grams

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    right 1st of all theres shit laods of differant strains

    2nd feedback and suggestions does that sound like the place u post this question? try lounge man

    and 3rd Welcome to the site,

    and last but not least get some scales on the ent ebay are, dealers will always try to rip.

    Why is marijuana not legal? Why is marijuana not legal?
    It's a natural plant that grows in the dirt.
    Do you know what's not natural?
    80 year old dudes with hard-ons. That's not natural.
    But we got pills for that.
    We're dedicating all our medical resources to keeping the old guys erect,
    but we're putting people in jail for something that grows in the dirt?

    GONE but hopefully not forgotton

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    I got mine on there for 8 and i went into my local headshop where the same scales were 45
    ya need the 100g calib. weight and p+p as well, but it still only comes to 15. I never mind saving 30 myself

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    Yea head/smoke shops always overharge, my local smoke shop called Red's the prices are mind bending but if u get 2 know them they may sort u out from the wholesalers catalog. I wounder how many 1000's of strains there actually r

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    There's a partial listing. All in all there are over 450 different strains and breeds of cannabis pure or mixed from three different species known as Sativa, Indica and ruderellis. These 450+ strains were all bred from only 6 different original strains known as landrace strains. It is belived cannabis was here long before humans possibly before prehistoric times. And no I'm not a walking encylcopedia I just like to think I am.

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    Now that'd be a true test of skills. If someone could resite all the strains by heart. I just love the names because they're rather creative. And yes go buy a scale, yes its something that will take away from your stash cash BUT! would you rather keep getting ripped off or play it smart.



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