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Thread: smoking when sick?

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    smoking when sick?

    has any one ever smoked while being sick? cause im sick and i wannah know if its a good idea or not

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    I did it while sick..with a very sore throat. While the smoking of it was very bad for my throat, the high gave me great relaxation and allowed me to slip.

    I would recommend it, if you wish to feel after effects of getting sick again, I felt that I got over influenza this year quicker than I ever have due to the smoking of MJ.
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    im sick at the moment....sore throat, nose, cough etc etc
    ive cut down to one a day....and its normally at i can just chill a bit.

    But i wouldn't recomend smoking loads cause it will possible aggrovate the illness even more.
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    Yes, I find light smoking is nice when you're not feeling so well. Just smoke, sit your ass on the couch, and relax. Makes me feel better

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    I've seen a bit about a 13-year old boy with cancer that had to vomit after each chemotherapy... His dad was a Yale professor I think that started the research in cannabis for his son. Before that, no-one ever researched cannabis in the cancer/purging context.

    The boy smoked/ate some cannabis before and after he was treated, and NEVER had to purge again. So if you're vomiting, cannabis does counter-act nausea. Also, when you had a cold shock (frostbite, etc..) cannabis has proven to reinforce the bloodstream and recover in a more effective way.

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    Depends on what your sick with. If you've got soemthing like bronchitis or other lung inflamation that's causing you to cough a lot smoking might not be a good idea. I know because I just got over it. Even a small hit off my vaporizer would send me into a serious coughing fit. I was able to get my hands on some really good weed brownies, however, and these actually made me feel much better than any of the traditional medicines I was taking.
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    Hey , that's strange , it should prevent you from vomitting ? Well , everyone's different...
    By the way, read your other threads , do you know any Irish buddies or N-Ireland (close to the "border").



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