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Thread: Kentucky Blue?

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    Kentucky Blue?

    Anybody ever heard of Kentucky Blue..or Bluegrass as we called it sometime. I don't guess it is an "established" stain. It is a very potent sativa that can actually be found wild in parts of kentucky....mainly the southcentral. This bud drops a bomb on you...very mentally reactive...but not much of a body buzz. Reminds me much of psycodelics. I have found small patches of it.. in very remote areas of the country side. The nicest ones I found were 15+ feet tall. From everything I have gathered about this "stain" of bud, from uncles who were around at the inception of this plant into the native environment, it is decended from seeds that "good ol' boys" brought home with them in Vietnam. My uncles helped take care of a few large patches, and said after the cops broke it all up(and casually tilled up the fields) they could return to those areas of rural Ky for years afterward and usually turn up a plant or two at least......Wow I really strayed from my original question. How would you go about establishing a distinct strain of said plant. I don't know much on the breeding of species....I mean I know how the natural aspet of it works, it the whole people part I don't get. I guess I could make an attempt to gather some of these seed and grow a plant....where to go from there?

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    Hey man if you pick up a copy of jorge's indoor/outdoor growers bible it has a whole chapter devoted to breeding and that really breaks down what goes into stabilizing a strain and making it true breeding. I found my copy at barnes & noble, best investment ever. If you have a question about it the book has an answer.
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