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Thread: Hi From DAyton OHio

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    Hi From DAyton OHio

    Drop me a line if ya wanna toke it up i am 16 years old
    Life happens when your busy making plans for it -John Lennon

    Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly? - some stoned dude

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    i used to live close to there... but now very far away
    Quote Originally Posted by graph View Post
    It's hard to convince us that weed's the problem when all of us here know it's not. At one time I think we all used to be like you, we believed the government at face value and accepted the fact that because it's illegal, it must be immoral, too. Then we all grew up a little bit and realized our own experiences should shape the path of our lives, not what someone else tells us to think

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    hey whatsup...I'm going to UD in a couple of years, I'm 16 too...
    Life as a baller; alcohol and booty calls
    We used to do them as adolescents, do you recall?
    Raised as G's, loc'ed out blaze the weed
    Get on the roof, let's get smoked out and blazed with me
    2 in the mornin' and we still high assed out Screamin', "Thug 'til I die", before I passed out


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    I'm from cleveland and i think that is like 2 or so hours away. Right next to BGSU right, or at least like a 20 minute drive?



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