1/2 lb of weed.

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by cornbread69, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. cornbread69

    cornbread69 Registered

    any 1 got pictures of 1/2 lb of weed? how long will it last me? and wats the price range.(sorry if wrong section im newb) . pics plz plz
  2. cornbread69

    cornbread69 Registered

    damn nothing?
  3. Rubberbubbler

    Rubberbubbler Registered+

    a half pound is 228 g so how many grams do you smoke a day?
  4. moleface

    moleface Registered

    I have a feeling that you should probably be aiming for a smaller quantity if those are your questions :jointsmile:
  5. TheKKKiller

    TheKKKiller Registered

    1/2lb of weed would last me personally approximately 3 days. Invest, and save your money, so you can buy more. Don't be so cheap.
  6. MrMojoRisin7127

    MrMojoRisin7127 Registered+

    Well if you aren't lying then you need to get a life dude. I seriously doubt you go through that much bud unless 7 of those 8 ounces is pure seeds...

    But if you are lying, then you also need to get a life...:wtf:
  7. IEmPtYNeSsI

    IEmPtYNeSsI Registered+

    do u mean half ounce? i highly doubt u could go through a half pound in 3 days
  8. warlord98

    warlord98 Banned

    the answers to this question are as retarded as the question itself
  9. NeverEnough

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    ill post something on topic.

    A Half lb is 228g

    Reggie: 400-500$
    Mid- 600-650$
    Exotic- 1500-1750$

    thats just where i live (North Carolina). Soooo yeah
  10. Jimbob1310

    Jimbob1310 Registered+

    HP in ct/ tri state area of fire is between 2 or 3 grand if you got a connect, not cheap man
  11. MonkeyBone

    MonkeyBone Registered+

    In Quebec, you can get 1 pound for ~1200$. ½ lbs is ~700$...So if you smoke like 1/2 OZ in a week, you'll have stock for 16 weeks... that's 4 months dude. but if you smoke less, you'll have more time to smoke it!

    When I used to smoke weed everyday, I smoked between 1/8 or 1/4 OZ in a week. between 25$ for an 1/8 and 40$ for a 1/4. No pricey weed, but hey, if you take a trip in quebec, we have some of the greatest weed on the planet!

    It's illegal but, we have some of the best growers! Quebec Gold is some of the finest weed you can get!

    Anyway, I stopped throwing away my $$$ in weed. So I'll buy myself a motorcycle!!

  12. gabec803

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