Discussion in 'Minnesota (MN)' started by GooseBear, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. GooseBear

    GooseBear Registered+

    how much do you guys pay for an 1/8 ???
  2. SmokeyPotter

    SmokeyPotter Registered+

    $50 usually. $45 if my dealer is having a good day. And for a couple weeks once; competition between dealers drove prices down to an all-time low, $40!!

    But I usually don't expect anything other than 50.
  3. Cheeched Chick HiGh

    Cheeched Chick HiGh Registered+

    since you live in MN youll get it for 20-25 for brick...not the best, but gets you high...your moving to duluth...right?
  4. GooseBear

    GooseBear Registered+

    Right Cheeched...........and smokey I usually pay about 50 too and it's pretty decent stuff.

    oh and cheeched you can come live in my closet! lol
    good luck with that hon
  5. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    usually in toronto area, 1/8 is aboot $40 canadian...typically great bud too, usually hydro from my connections. once in a while he gets some primo Chemo shit, I swear to god I saw god once because of it.

    altho its not called an 'eigth' its called a much simpler-to-understand 'halfquarter' (see, cause its half of a quarter...)
  6. Omun

    Omun Registered+

    I used to pay $50/$45. Now I can get it for $40 from a good friend! but thats still $5 more than it should be :(
  7. AbandonNegativity

    AbandonNegativity Registered+

    Duluth area as well - I usually pay 50 but its a phat sack and quite good :)
  8. InhaleItALL

    InhaleItALL Registered+

    anyone on here from the los angeles area? how much is it going for down here? I usually get mine from up north as I visit family often. Just curious what the difference is.

    1/8 around $25 above Santa Barbara...

    UBENHADD Registered

    HI everyone:
    Thought I would get back before this but..... How much are you paying for 1oz
  10. IthoughtIknewitall

    IthoughtIknewitall Registered+

    Minnesotta Ay, Oh how I dream of some snowcheese ay. If I lived in Minnesotta I would go to Canada to get my shit. Are the sled dogs workin good for ya ay?
  11. GooseBear

    GooseBear Registered+

    okay how would you get it back through customs???
  12. mellow yellow toker

    mellow yellow toker Registered

    Man, I guess I'm not the only one paying 100 1/4. Its good bud, but damn. Been in the cities over a year and still cant get used to the price. Maybe one day it will revert back to 40 1/4. Peace! :)
  13. doobie4u

    doobie4u Registered

    Only by OZ's,180.00 and pick your flaver.Took alot of lo :D oking to find such a place!!!!
  14. groundkinomoto

    groundkinomoto Registered+

    I'm from International Falls. Personally I dont pay for weed unless I can find a good price. The price of weed is high in this town for the shit ass quality you pay for. Granted there's alot of good weed around, but you pretty much need to be friend's with your age 50+ dad and his friends circle to get it.

    1/8 of schwag that weighs 2.5 grams full of seeds and wont get me high: $25
    1/8 of schwag that weighs 3.5 grams that will get me high: $30
    1/8 of higher grade good budz that will get me high: $50
    1/8 of canadian "omg dont take more than one hit" weed: $75
    The fact that you can buy the $50 an eigth bud and sell 0.5 gram as a gram for $20 in this town: Priceless

    (Not that I do that myself... no... never...^_~)
  15. blinkoplinko

    blinkoplinko Registered


    um.....i live in brainerd and the weed around here is dankety dank dank.....yummy!i pay $40 for eigth of kind bud.......$12.50 for 1/8 of Schwagg......usually if i buy schwagg i will buy a quad(quarter)for 25 or a half oz for 45 -50....let me know if you need any......
  16. Adam01

    Adam01 Registered+

    Yeah, it's $50 for 1/8 no matter where I've gone.
  17. tblueyes

    tblueyes Registered+

    Sounds like 50 it is then but thats dro for me. I dont like that cheap ass swag it taste nasty and you have to smoke more of it to get high...

    TURBODIESEL Registered

    50 seems to be the norm for upper mids 0 seeds. Right now wish I could find that. 30 1/4 for marginal.
    Coming off a 6 year break, found out I have MS so returned to the green life.
    6 Years ago only bought by qp 250-300 out of MPLS, from the Snaz
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2006
  19. Wake

    Wake Registered

    20 - schwag (bricky lots of seeds big stems, i wont touch it)
    40 - mids/Beasts (SOMETIMES a couple seeds mostly stringy buds, kind of smells)
    50 - regs (Has a slight smell, no seeds all buds maybe a little darker, most likely shipped from canada)
    60 - danks (Smells through your pocket, no seeds usually small stems unless you get a nice thick top bud, most the time has a strain name with it or is just called danks.)

    If I pay more then 60 which I have only done a couple times its usually a top strain and the dealer only has an ounce or less, last time it was orange Kush and purple irkle, that was 65 for an eigth and then the other time I payed 70 for an eigth of Sour Diesel. Neither time was I dissapointed in the weed or what I paid for it I just hate tossing out that much money.

    and for the person who said call it a half quarter, thats just a waste of breath anyone who has a brain would know an 1/8 is a half 1/4 because its simple math.
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  20. Mnoutdoorz

    Mnoutdoorz Registered+

    hey wake how often do those goodies come through for you? I got some orange Kush about 2 months ago and it was friggin great. I'm going to be growing some master kush and Nevilles Haze starting in Sept for my next grow.

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