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  1. Wake

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    To answer Mnoutdoorz, not often enough. The sour diesel are supposidly around all the time I just don't have direct connections with the person who has them, and the person I know who does doesn't have a drivers license and lives very far from me so it's a hassle, but for the others once about every 1 or 2 months will I get the option of something better then normal dank buds.I should be starting my first grow within the next couple weeks, picking up an AK47 hybrid clone.
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  2. tote bag

    tote bag Registered

    usually 45 or 50
  3. 4gan2ja0

    4gan2ja0 Registered+

    25$ for good shit
  4. cliper17

    cliper17 Registered

    $60 bucks for an 1/8 100 for a 1/4 and 340 for an undiscounted ounce.
  5. KingsBlend420

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    50$ in MN for ak 47
  6. Northstarchronic.

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    I pay 60 an 8th for stuff from California thats always name brand shit 50 for an 8th of BC commercial grade and 25 for a quad of shwag
  7. ghosty

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    45-50 on average $60 for the real good stuff like the sour diesel i got now
  8. NorthBrook19

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    So I'm going to be moving to Mankato in the next 4 weeks. Any suggestions of where to go/ where to not go to ask around. Seeing as how I'll be new in town, I don't want to draw any attention to myself, and want to familiarize myself with the area. Any tips?
  9. KL4D4

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    stay in Illinois!
  10. NorthBrook19

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    Something wrong w/ MN?
  11. Piffboy

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    $60.....i no sukz but w.e
  12. smokealot123

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    i pay $30 an eighth nothing more nothing less and it's always good weed unless i get it from certain people and then i don't have a clue what the hell i am buying, mids leafy shit that might not even be weed.. i just firmly say i need to see it in my hand every time before i buy:jointsmile: and it's cool because people around this area are pretty str8 up and say if it's good or not:)

    half oz is always 100 unless it is the dealers favorite smoke:(then it be $120 - 140 :D

    oz is standard $200 i get for $180

    qp is where it's at.. if you know a good connection u can easily get bomb weed for $500:smokin: and is always sick overcounts and good times lol
  13. StickyfingahZ

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    $50 bucks here in Hawaii.I have no idea what its called,but one bowl puts me on the moon.
  14. SirMunchALot

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    You guys serious? I am moving to Minneapolis in a month or so from the praries in Canada. For $50 I can get a 1/4 of stuff that will make my entire car smell if I put it in the glove box.

    This is really dissapointing :( I am going to be spending more for less pot and it is harder to find :(.

    How strictly enforced is smoking there? Tipically cops here will tell you to stop, take whatever weed you have on you and your on your way.

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