1/8's now down to $45

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by puremmj, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. puremmj

    puremmj Registered+

    Hello Patients & Friends.

    Pure Medical Dispensary is offering all patients this month an extra 10% off any MMJ purchase. Our $50 cap on all 1/8's, just became $45 tax included.

    Stop in for some great Meds :thumbsup:


    Pure Medical Dispensary
    1133 Bannock St.
    Denver CO 80204
    303 534 7873
  2. Jboogs

    Jboogs Registered

    do we need any special ID?
  3. PufferLungs

    PufferLungs Registered+

    I'm thinkin' they'll want to see your card and your drivers license. Or your paperwork and your drivers license if you haven't got the card yet. Thats the standard drill at any dispensary.
  4. DirtayeSanchez

    DirtayeSanchez Registered+

    Pure is #1:Rasta:
  5. MMJinColorado

    MMJinColorado Registered+

    Well this sounds like a great occasion for me to come check you guys out. Loving the price drops!
  6. KindReviews

    KindReviews Registered+

    You won't be disappointed, it will be interesting to see if there are similarities in our reviews.
  7. puremmj

    puremmj Registered+

    Nothing special required. Red card or Dr's Recommendation and Driver's License. I'll fix you up real nice.

    Just pulled out a real nice Jar of "Our" Stevie Wonder..over a 3 month cure and counting :jointsmile:


  8. MMJinColorado

    MMJinColorado Registered+

    Sweet... I'll be right over!
  9. KindReviews

    KindReviews Registered+

    We will be featuring the Blue Dream from Pure in another one of our 3 strain show downs in the couple weeks...
  10. DirtayeSanchez

    DirtayeSanchez Registered+

    The BD is killer!
  11. SoCalDad

    SoCalDad Registered+

    good one

    Got some blue dream tomatoes here in SoCal. Good stuff...Love the Grandaddy purp though.
  12. KindReviews

    KindReviews Registered+

    Be sure to pick up the next edition of Most Hi for our review on Pure's Stevie Wonder!!!
  13. DirtayeSanchez

    DirtayeSanchez Registered+

    why you got to make us wait like that Kind?

    and where do I find it?
  14. -Time-

    -Time- Registered+

    Why not sell for $10-20 per eighth when cannabis is so cheap to produce?
  15. PufferLungs

    PufferLungs Registered+

    I bought some Blue Dream from a different dispensary last week.

    WOW!! :S5:
  16. KindReviews

    KindReviews Registered+

    It goes to print tomorrow, so they should be at dispensaries and 7-11's by Friday. Be sure to check out our booth at the convention, we will be giving away free gifts.
  17. puremmj

    puremmj Registered+

    Strains of the week. $45 an 1/8 tax included.

    NL#5 x Haze
    G13 x Haze
    Purple Urkle
    The Original "Stevie Wonder"
    White Widow
    Lambs Breath
    Mr. Nice
    Fruity Pebbles
    Grape Ape
    Golden Grape
    Ultimate Indica
    Black Dominica
    Blue Dream
    NYC Diesel
    Lemon Skunk
    AK 47
    Grand Daddy Purps

    Coming out of our room next week...

    Buddas Sister
    Trainwreck x Cheese
    Strawberry Cough

    Frank :jointsmile:
  18. MMJinColorado

    MMJinColorado Registered+

  19. KindReviews

    KindReviews Registered+

    This will be a good week for Stevie as our review will be out on Friday in MostHi. :thumbsup:
  20. puremmj

    puremmj Registered+

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Stevie Wonder. Thanks for stopping in. I hope to see you back.

    Speaking of... Today I received a call from Full Spectrum Laboratories, and was shocked at the news I heard. Our samples submitted last week of Stevie Wonder Honey Hash Oil came back with OFF the charts reports. The lab tech said he had to stop and take a screen shot, call the owner of the company BoB who was in NY to tell him of our data results. they had never seen results in multiple area as high as ours. CBDV,THCV,CBC,CBD,CBN,THC

    Lets just say you will be hearing about this very soon. very soon.:thumbsup:

    Frank :jointsmile:

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