#1 fav song to listen to when blazin

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by mumblejumble, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. mumblejumble

    mumblejumble Registered

    so what's your favorite song to listen to when your gettin stoned. as for me
    Breath in - frou frou (there's so much going on in the background)
    because - the bealtes (the version off the love album)
  2. cannabis campbell

    cannabis campbell Registered+

    Thats a pretty hard question just to pick one song,

    Im not sure about this i would probably have to pick Bob Marley.. cant pick just one of his songs!
  3. TX Girl

    TX Girl Registered+

    yeah, one song, thats impossible!
    It seems I always listen to Boyz N The Hood by Dynamite Hack at some point during a good stone, so I will pick that today.
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  4. blazed_babe

    blazed_babe Registered+

    anything from the 60s or 70s

    can't pick one song dude lol
  5. TX Girl

    TX Girl Registered+

    hey Blazed babe, I thought about you yesterday- just cause I was listening to Jim Croce while cleanin my house and knowing your preference for 60s and 70s music wondered if you listen to him. I think he was an awesome song writer
  6. blazed_babe

    blazed_babe Registered+

    :) yes i do listen to him!! and i agree, he was a great song writer. i love his song "age".
  7. TX Girl

    TX Girl Registered+

    Cool! thats a great song

    Two of my faves are New Yorks Not My Home & Workin at the Car Wash Blues. He could tell a story fo sho
  8. DaPolarBear

    DaPolarBear Registered+

    Zappa stuff is great fun whilst stoned, or any sorta techno, or tool, or anything really. I couldn't decide on a favorite band, much less a song or album.
  9. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    I dont want to sound cliche or anythin but my favorite song to listen to when im smokin is whatever im listenin to when im gettin high...

    like right now its June of 44

    music just sounds so fucking good and i want to get as much of it into my head as possible
  10. Divadish

    Divadish Registered+

    The joints i roll require an album not a song, and my favourites for smoking to would be Transformer by Lou Reed and Sounds of silence by Simon and Garfunkel If i had to listen to one song to smoke a joint to it would be Redemption song by Bob
  11. 326isthenew420

    326isthenew420 Registered

    Album - You wanna buy a monkey? - Dan the Automator

    Wu tang, Jedi Mind Trick, Biggie, Tenacious D, sublime, mindless self indulgence, the list goes on.

    geez, ill listen to anything but country and trance. they harsh my buzz.
  12. yeahdudeirock

    yeahdudeirock Registered

    lebanese blonde or originality by thievery corporation
  13. greenzz31

    greenzz31 Registered

    cypress hill - hits from the bong
  14. ryanses

    ryanses Registered+

    i love that song, just not by dynamite hack. Easy-E is the shit!!!
  15. TX Girl

    TX Girl Registered+

    I just like that version cause its so ridiculous sounding ya cant help but laugh!

    my hunny made up an even sillier version we like to sing about our fat orange cat... it starts off with 'Kitty Boyz n the hood are made of lard'
  16. cannabis=freedom

    cannabis=freedom Registered+

    Shit, blazed babe and I should start a cult of 60s-70s music together....

    I agree with her absolutely; anything from that era, but could never pick one!
  17. skatin_foo15

    skatin_foo15 Registered+

    tangerine sky - kottonmouth kings. such a mellow song
  18. BobMarley91

    BobMarley91 Registered+

    Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana-Birds Flying High

    Devin The Dude- What A Job

    Styles P- I get High

    3 of my #1's
  19. Piff Smoker

    Piff Smoker Registered+

    Bone Thugz- No Surrender And Budsmokers Only.

    Because i be gettin POD'd lol
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  20. coledog855

    coledog855 Registered+


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