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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 8buds4u, May 23, 2004.

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    I just noticed this category after placing this same thread in the lounge.

    Now I see this thread should be here. Enjoy!

    I live in a studio apartment in a southern state within the U.S. I had great success with growing in a NE state, but I had a big backyard and little chance of my crop being seen, or found, by anyone. A friend had truned me on to a tip about keeping a plant in a very small container, thus restricting root growth. When this is done, the plant only reaches 10 to 12 inches high. I decided to give it a try from my apartment a couple months ago.

    Results have been great! I had 4 plants going, two were males and they got trashed. The two females I have are reaching full maturity and the tallest is only 12 inches high. This is very important since you don't want a 3 foot plant 'waving its leaves' at anyone who could see it at any time. My apartmant is 2nd floor, private and has a wrap around, full sun balcony that no one else walks on but me. I started the plants with 24 hours of light by using the sun during the day and just a darn 100w light bulb at night. One month after 24 hour light, they went on 12 and 12 cycle to force flowering.

    As flowering began and I got rid of the males, I began clipping unecessary leaves. This allows the flower the full potential of growth without having to share grow with leaves. I clipped a few leaves every other day or so to allow the plant to recover from the shock. I used regular potting soil and Miricle Grow. The main thing, small pots to grow them in. I used 6 ounce plastic yogurt cups. The stems are thick, the buds are growing ever-so-hearty, and it is looking like a minumum of 1/2 oz of very fine sensi from each plant.

    My estimated harvesting time will be in about 2 weeks, maybe sooner. That will be 2 1/2 months total growth.

    This little trick can be use anywhere you don't want suspecting eyes seeing great big plants waving in the wind.

    No special seeds were used, just what I got my hands on by cleaning any old reg that I had. I figure, as long as it's female, I'm guaranteed sensi and it can't be crap!

    Let me know what you think!
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    is anyone able to say.. walk on the sidewalk below and smell weed? cuz if someone does.. ur either gonna get raided by stoenrs or raided by the coppers.. i dunno ur situation with where u r or anythign.. but just think about it..
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    Nope. No sidewalk below, railing around my wrap around deck hide my girls from view. Private, locked, entrance to my staircase too, and my landlady is 85 and unable to walk up my stairs anyway.

    I took all these concerns into consideration before ever starting, as anyone growing should.

    Oh yeah, I'll be posting photos soon!

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    Post pictures sooner!!! I have been thinking about doing this with one of my plants i toped it off at the 4th node i duno if i should chop off the big fan leaves is this wise or not?? iv jus started my plant in its 12/12 cycle its now in its 2nd day, try and get back to me soon as u can:)

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