1 Week flowering (UPDATES) - AMAZING Pics

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by ganjamanjaguy, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. ganjamanjaguy

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    This is my unknown bagseed grow. I got some seeds from a bag of weed from Jamaica. I have a very similar climate, even farther south. This plant is a total of around 4 1/2 weeks old and it is about 1 week into flowering already. I live in the Caribbean so we get good sunlight, temps, humidity. I am using Miracle Grow believe it or not! I don't why this plant is flowering/growing so quick, must be an autoflowering hybrid strain. It smells like grapefruit when u rub the leaves, and the whole plant smells skunky. Advice is very much appreciated! I will update in the coming weeks of flowering.
  2. ganjamanjaguy

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    here are some pics:jointsmile:

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  3. StickyBuds1987

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    ah nice pics man your gonna have a short plant full of buds mine is a foot tall right now but its not flowering like that so maybe i got lucky and it will get bigger so check out my grow log no pics as of yet :thumbsup::thumbsup::jointsmile:
  4. JungleSuperstar

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    looks nice man:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    shame it didnt veg for longer so u cud ave more:jointsmile::jointsmile:
  5. nugrowr

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    the one in my sig was maybe that size.. she looks very sexy:D
  6. nugrowr

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    eh.. maybe a lil bit bigger bout 2.5ft... she'll get a bit bigger i think..
  7. ganjamanjaguy

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    UPDATE PICS- 4 days later

    here is the plant 4 days later...... which is today..

    lol im soo high :jointsmile:

    ill keep updating with more pics, i promise

    can some tell me when the buds will start to fatten up and start looking like sum smokable bud. more thc crystals appear everyday, which is a good sign. no yellowing of the leaves yet though. so idk

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  8. nugrowr

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    oh she'll fatten up.. thats a nice lookin plant there nice healthy stock.. ill be back to check so take pics:)
  9. ganjamanjaguy

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    alright cool, for sure:thumbsup:
  10. StickyBuds1987

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    looks like she still has a while yet just wait and see what she looks like in 3 weeks lol she does look good man keep it up goodluck i just got pics up on my log now if ya wanna check i out
  11. XGR33NthumbX

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    last year, i grow 2 nice girls, but it was only the last 2-3weeks when the bud looked smokable, l'd say bcoz your outside a good 5weeks maybe more, depending on your plant, u could have a lowryder and they dont take long to flower.
    shes looking shweeet as tho, nicee growing. :jointsmile:
  12. ganjamanjaguy

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    Update- 4 days later- 4.20 :)

    First of all...HAPPY 4.20 everybody!! anyway here is an update like i promised. i will post and update every 4 days with pics. but the plant is now covered more in resin, and the buds have gotten a little bit bigger. the smell is still so pungent. ha ha, can someone tell when i should start flushing. I heard it was 2 weeks before harvest, so i really just need an idea on when to start looking to cleanse those fertz out of my girl. she is over a foot tall now. thanks :Rasta:

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  13. stra8outtaWeed

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    you've got a ways to go before you worry about flushing...i'd say by the look of them being a Sativa dom strain at least 7-8 more weeks before she is finished!:jointsmile:

    Happy 420 to ya! :smokin:
  14. ganjamanjaguy

    ganjamanjaguy Registered+

    really 7-8 weeks? my plant is about a total of 6-7 weeks from seed. it has been flowering for about 3 weeks now. im thinking more like 4-5 weeks from now. remember this plant started showing preflowers on its 3rd week. :wtf:
  15. demoreal

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    pinkish hair

    The hairs on your plant are pinkish. I have always wanted a strain with pink hairs. I keep buying all these "purple clones" and the hairs are always white. :(
    The leaves and buds change color bud never the hairs...
    Just white to orange is all I get.
    Plants look good. I think I remember seeing them a while back. It is coming nice.
  16. stra8outtaWeed

    stra8outtaWeed Registered+

    Sats can take up to 16weeks of flowering so i was being conservitive estamating about 12-13 weeks of total flower time...the longer you can wait the more you will like it! :thumbsup:
  17. oldhaole

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    Rain on the Parade.

    Hate to be the bummer...but... in a couple of weeks your plant will start to elongate. The bottom branches will go into vege mode.

    How many hours of light a day does she get? If it's more than 12 and the days are getting longer you have a problem.

    At that point you have two options. Put the plant in a dark place @ 5pm and force bud her with 12 hours of sunlight...or... let her go. You will get a decent top to smoke and the bottom will go long, giving you a good sized harvest come October.

    Good luck.
  18. JungleSuperstar

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    your camera is sick!!!

    those pics were amazing:stoned::stoned::thumbsup:
  19. ganjamanjaguy

    ganjamanjaguy Registered+

    hmm really, can u describe what that is a little bit better and why it will happen, i mean ill put them inside at 5 thats not a problem

    i mean , i live in the caribbean so we get like 4 periods cause im closer to the equater, and they are real jamaican seeds, so the climate is similar. also, i really think this is an autoflowering strain
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  20. oldhaole

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    First of all I would bet that if you got that seed from Jamaica it is not an autoflower. Autoflowers are grown in short growing seasons way up north. Don't confuse an autoflower with a 90 day wonder.

    You have a 90 day wonder. Except you planted it @8 weeks too late in the year. If you get more than 12 hours of daylight your plant will go back into vege. I live @ 200 miles north of you. Just in the Pacific, not Atlantic. In a couple of weeks all your budded plants (and mine too) will realize that they should not be budding (days too long). Bud growth will slow then stop. Gaps between caylixes will lengthen. Your plant will grow out of it's flowers.

    Either you harvest young, let it go and get big, or make sure your girl gets 12 hours of daylight. no more.

    What is a period? How many hours of daylight are they getting?

    Either way it will be a learning experience.

    Good Luck

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