1 week old and tall and skinny - dont look right

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by NikiThongborisu, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. NikiThongborisu

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    First time grower here and think I did it wrong. Seedlings in pots indoors and lights on inside for 24 hours for a week. Plants grew but now they look bad - too tall and scrawny. four little leaves pooped out on top but no further leafing and stems leaning over because they are too tall.... Does not look good.
    I have now moved plants outdoors to try the 12/12 lights because Im thinking they got too much light the first week. Is there a way to save them or is it too late?!
  2. NikiThongborisu

    NikiThongborisu Registered

    Here are some pictures of the sad looking stems

    Here are some pictures of the sad looking stems
    Can anyone tell me how to save them ???

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  3. canniwhatsis

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    Do NOT reuse soil, it's blown out as far as nutrients are concerned, plus it's loaded with salts that the plants don't need.

    Compost it for a couple years before you reuse it! ;)

    Given the Stem's (dead) I see in the pics,.... I've got nothing else to add.
  4. Stukez

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    Obvious the light was too far away and uve stretched the plant...u also put them outside when they were too young and that's killed them off !! Research before u grow classic rookie mistake...makesme sad seeing ur plants like that !!
  5. Stukez

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    Get some support for those plants and getthem back under a light indoors and hope for the best
  6. DrGr33nthum

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    Ya sorry to say but those plants are screwed
  7. jaydee84

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    looking at the pics your plants are not dead yet not far off tho

    when you started grow, lights were to to far away causing them to become leggy stretched... i would re-pot them in pots bigger than ur using just so you can plant them that bit deeper to support them some more and so not so much steam out of the soil get them back under light they should be ok.....what lights are u using
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    KIMJONGIL Registered+

    too late now. their stems are too long, and as soon as they start making bigger leaves, they'll fall over and die
  9. DirtyApe

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    Yeah you dont have much invested in these so I'd just start over.

    Maybe next time you can do a bit of homework first and this wont happen again.
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  10. Millz75

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    They'll be fine. I've seen plenty of seedlings like this over the years and they have always pulled through with a bit of love and care. Just do what Jaydee says above, get the light a lot closer and make sure you support the stem with something (small stick and some cotton thread). Giving them a light breeze from a fan will help strengthen up the stems.
  11. Rusty Trichome

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    For those that are quitters, or those that wrongly said he was screwed, perhaps you should learn to grow before you give grow advise to others.

    Seedling Stretch Fix (twords the bottom of the post)

    Works 100% of the time if you properly care for 'em from that point forward. (lights, light distance, proper watering and fans)

    Don't stop reading and learning or you'll end-up giving garbage advise down the line...
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  12. jaydee84

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    I LIKE IT.....if you no what you are doing you can 99% of the time save a plant
    you must research download growers guide's and learn also Google this is the way i learn'd to grow reading books and internet and im doing ok and of course cannabis.com.......great help and helpers good luck m8ty
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  13. captaincyanide

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    You'll definitely need some sort of support for that plant. Once they start doing that (as though they were reaching out for the sun) at some point they'll start developing and then their stem will not be able to support all that weight.
  14. jaydee84

    jaydee84 Registered+

    also for the weight heavy top plants i suggest getting a large drinking straw like the ones from say Mc Donald's cut it down so that its just smaller than the plant. then cut down the middle all the way up so that it opens up and you can wrap it round the plant gently then push in to the soil slightly that should support them untill stems get bigger and fatter then you can just simply take them off
    i have never tried this just somthink i thought of sitting hear i can only hope this works and no reason why it shouldn't let us no what happens Gooood luck
  15. DirtyApe

    DirtyApe Registered

    First off, they're probably bag seed so its not as if he spent a bunch of money on good genetics.

    Secondly, I wasn't saying its impossible, all I said was hes only got about a week invested. It wouldnt kill him to scratch this attempt and start over.

    So before you jump down peoples throats, imagine for a second that your not the only one on this site who's grown before.:thumbsup:
  16. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    Sooo...you avoid giving out solid advise unless the gardener has spent thousands on equipment, or has purchased their strains from a designer seed botique?

    You're right. We all should be quitters. Much easier to quit than to learn proper techniques, and this being an abject failure thing is easy to get used to. :thumbsup:
    A quick show of hands...Who out there likes learning half-assed techniques and lazy approaches to gardening...? :wtf: ...Anyone...?

    Imagine for a second that you have the experience to actually offer sound advise. Wow...what a help you could be...
    Before you start thinking that it's up to you what folks in here do, keep in mind...You have to develop personal experience before you can share that experience. And if your comfortable with your facts, you damn well better be able to defend them rather than justifying bad advise and getting your panties in a wad when called-out.
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  17. DirtyApe

    DirtyApe Registered

    Are you serious? I've given out solid advice. I stick by the fact that he's off to a terrible start, why not give it another go and this time do it right. What makes you think that he will be able to save these babies. Clearly this guy hasn't done his homework, your wasting your time.

    No problem with starting fresh. Not quitting, just starting off on the right foot. You learn as you go but better to not start in the whole if you have little to no experience.:beatdeadhorse:

    LOL. Just because Im new HERE doesnt mean Im new. Dont look at my post count and jump to conclusions.:icon506:
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  18. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    So Nikki...what did you end up doing?

    In his last post, the Nikki asked if there was anything he (she?) could do to save them. How to start over was not part of his inquiry, now was it?

    Fixing what you've done wrong is an invaluable tool to have, and quitting before you learn anything is a great way to avoid developing ANY experience.
    My experience tells me they are 100% fine, with proper care and handling.
    And are you sure it's HIM I'm wasting my time with...? :wtf:

    Unless, of course, you can't afford those designer seeds or if you have the experience of someone online to help you through the rough spots. If you are incapable of being helpful, and if you must continue slamming someone else's experience level, and if you insist on assuming you know his situation or desire to be inadequate, perhaps you should let the more experienced gardeners do the helping. There's plenty of us here to take-up the slack.

    It wasn't your post count I was looking at when I commented on your 'quitter' technique.
    This is a simple and reliable fix for seedling stretch. Matter of fact, I use it damn near every grow, especially with the more leggy sativa dominates.

    Your opinion of me is nothing I'll lose sleep over, but just because you think I'm an ass, does not mean I'm not right. However, it does indicate that I don't play 'politically correct' games with fragile ego's nor those that just wish to argue.

    Let us know what happened, eh Nikki...? :thumbsup:

    RAINHAZE Banned

    ...And now a word from our sponsor. :jointsmile:
  20. DirtyApe

    DirtyApe Registered

    Alright...OP. Im done arguing with rusty trombone.

    My advice stands. Yes there is a way to fix stretched seedlings, you can bury the seedling up to just below the first set of leafs.

    OR....you can scratch this attempt and use what you've learned on a brand new set of seeds...and within a week you'll have already gotten past this point.

    You've already learned your lesson from this one. No need to struggle with it. Start over.


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