10% of an ounce?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by TheNewbiebewbie, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. TheNewbiebewbie

    TheNewbiebewbie Registered

    around here they say X% of an ounce.

    What Im supposed to be getting is a "dime" or 10% of an ounce.
    For $10. Pretty simple it seems, but I dont know if Im being ripped off or not? :wtf:

    1. Is this a good deal?
    2. About how much is this?
    3. Why am I numbering these questions?
  2. BlazinKush

    BlazinKush Registered+

    Sounds like you getting played. Never heard anything like that.
  3. RedwhitEsonavaB

    RedwhitEsonavaB Registered+

    yeah sometimes it means a tenth of an O but sometimes its just 10 bucks wortha bud. it depends on how good it is too. like if its 200 an ounce then a tenth is gonna be $20. but most people who really smoke dont buy amounts that small so its very possible you got jipped. most of the time a dime around here is just one of those tiny ziplocks stuffed full of weed.
  4. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    I guess your name is newbiebewbie for a reason kid.. :jointsmile:
  5. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    And also, an ounce is 28 grams. So you gettin 2.8 geesus for $10. I wouldn't complain. Unless its ditch.

    You got some fucked up dealer though bro. Maybe find someone that isn't trying to revolutionize weed with percentages.
  6. TheNewbiebewbie

    TheNewbiebewbie Registered

    I know, right?
    I dunno. Its my only real source though.

    Its 1/10 of an Ounce.
    thats what they call a dime. :wtf:
    im not sure how much that is as far as bowls and crap.

    Im paying $10 for 1/10 of medium grade stuff
    and its $20 for 1/10 of high grade.
    Although thats with the cost of a middleman.

    I was wondering why no one around here just uses the normal
    1/8th and stuff. But its best not to question that.

    Im kinda new to this sorta thing if you couldnt already tell...havin to ask about measurements...:i feel stupid:
  7. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    Johnnyz is right...10% of an oz is 2.8g....so for $10 that is a good deal. Unless it's shitty weed! $10 bags usually mean just whatever they want to sell you for $10! I didn't even know they still sold those! :jointsmile:

    welcome to cancom newbie! you'll learn alot here!
  8. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    Perhaps it is not they who do not use the normal 1/8 and stuff, but it is indeed you who did not ask for a normal 1/8 and stuff.

    Next time you roll through, bust down the door, slap your cock on the table and demand a fucking quarter.

    Just kidding, but you get the picture :jointsmile:
  9. TheNewbiebewbie

    TheNewbiebewbie Registered

    Should I also bust down the door with my penis, or just save that for the table?

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  10. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    Save it for the table. You don't want to be rude. :thumbsup:
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  11. CovertCarpenter

    CovertCarpenter Registered+

    the innocent threads that get hijacked 'round here...

    ...sometimes leave me breathless... :stoned:

    ON topic:

    Yeah, they're correct in that an Oh is 28g (and /better/be/ 28, not 26.4 or 25... I /won't/ deal with anyone who doesn't deal in straight weight.

    If I expect there to be 1 to 1.2 (the usual dime up here in Canada, tho if you're a /good/ buddy, expect 1.5ish, but you're gonna stick around and smoke some of it and try to play videogames with your bud who just /happens/ to have the /good/ bud whilst your bodies are in another universe somewhere on the couch),

    ...or 3.5 (an eighth out west, a half-quarter out east, someone 'splain that to me, please),

    ...or 7 (a quarter pretty much everywhere, possibly the apocryphal 'lid' of the '70s),

    ...or 14 (a half),

    ...or twennyfuckinEIGHT (an Oh, a Zee, 'one full one', what are /your/ neighbourhoods' names for it, btw?), there /better/ be that, or a bit more, in that bag. *

    If there is usually a bit more in the bag, I will sometimes (everyother time or so) burn one with dude if he or I are not 'running somewhere else', and perpetually late, for some /strange/ reason...), and engage in deep philosophical discussion. Or try to. Fuckit. Let's just blast the TUNES from my audiophile-grade stereo (we don' /need/ no steeenkeeng soobwoofooors, mon!)... now where is that Steve Vai CD again?

    OFF-topic, since we're there anyways...

    /True/ story, courtesy of a nephew who in his early-mid-twenties was working for one of the two major railroads up here in Canada:

    He's on a new crew, working out sooo far in the bush that the only place to eat/sleep/drink, etc, is on the fucking work train that they're living on and extending the track out in front of.

    Don't laugh. This still happens up here in Canada.

    We have lots of bush.

    Now remember, the railroads are, for some reason, one of the /only/ places that will hire you if you've pretty much fucked up everywhere else. This does NOT describe my nephew, who just landed the job from an aunt or step-mom who was somewhere up in the bureacracy, and who was big and strong enough (6'3", 235ish, /long/ arms...) to actually do the gig. It paid like 25-ish an hour to start. Firkin' good money for an early-twennysomething dude.

    So he's sitting in the dining car on like the third day up in nowheresville, and all of a sudden, he feels his hardhat get knocked off from behind, while everyone starts laughing their collective asses off.

    Sigh. Time to fight some stupid fuck. OR laugh, if he's got a lit joint in his hand.

    He turns around on the bench/seat, and the dude who is standing behind him did NOT knock his hardhat off with his hand.

    I give you /one/ guess.

    Buddy's thing was like 14-15 inches long, and prolly about as thick as your wrist.

    They're all sitting and standing around laughing their collective asses off, including The Mutant. Apparently, this is some kind of initiation ceremony for the 'new guy', which of course did not sit well with my nephew.

    So he grabs buddy's /thing/, slams it down on the table, and SMASHES IT with the underside of his /other/ fist**, which has come down at Mach Four, right 'bout midway.

    Did I mention that my nephew at that time was around 6'3, 235ish, might'a even been round 240-ish, with /no/ fat on 'im. Long arms, and /fast/..?

    I let your imaginations attempt to duplicate the noise buddy made. I also let your imaginations figg'r out how long it took buddy to \drop\ to the floor.

    No one was laughing anymore.

    My nephew went back to his lunch, tho some soup was spilt during the 'teach'***.

    I don't think buddy ever did that again. :D

    We now return you to your Regularly Scheduled Thread.

    (c)C :chainsaw:

    * Your Friendly Neighbourhood Dealer is very flexible. If you need sixteen grams, for some strange reason, he'll probably cut you 'round the same price as if he's selling you a slightly higher quantity, but priced at the amount you require (or can afford).

    Prices here in TO: (slightly lower on larger quantities on the street, but med.dispensaries and FND are 'round the same)

    Dime: Ten. Twelve to fifteen for /good/ stuff.
    Eighth: 25 to 35, 40 if it's da bomb.
    Quarter: 50-70, 91 for top-drawer at the dispensary.
    Half: 80 to 90 if it's either shitty or you're really well hooked-up (see example listed on trancendental videogaming earlier), or 110 to 120 for /good/, and 130 to 140 for H0LY F*** stuff. 115 at the dispensary for good, 182 for psychotic.
    Oh: One-fitty outta town. 160-180 for decent, two hun for /good/. RARE is 230, but you are NOT gonna move for a while offa that shite. Top drawer at the dispensary on an Oh is 364, but they might cut ya a deal if you're buying that much regularly.

    ** I thought my nephew was being slightly merciful for only using the /soft/ part of his fist to slam buddy's thing with, but he explained that he was only being expedient. To hit it with his knuckles, he would have had to stand up first, where he could get pretty much the same effect, much faster, with a good hammer-strike off the underside, and it meant that he didn't have to get up off the bench. It also meant that he didn't really chance fucking up his hand or knuckles, which would be needed to carry Heavy Things with, after lunch.

    *** A quaint anglo-saxon aphorism for 'giving someone a lesson', or perhaps 'here endeth the lesson'

  12. missJambi

    missJambi Registered+

    a 'dime' is what the dealer feels is about ten dollars worth...you'll get some good counts, you'll get some bad counts, it just is what it is. It all depends on how well the dealers ability to 'weigh' without a scale is.
  13. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    Actually, it's pretty simple to figure-out. Did it get you high? If so, it was a fair price for however much you got for $10.00. If not...you got ripped-off.

    So were you ripped-off, or satisfied...? :jointsmile:
  14. Kurupt3Z3

    Kurupt3Z3 Registered+

    yea 10% of an ounce is only 2.8 grams, if youre getting a dime sack, which i assume is some shwag or low mids, then it should be at least an 1/8 for $10, 1/4 $20 or 1/2 for around $30. ive never heard of anyone selling dank in a dimebag
  15. TheNewbiebewbie

    TheNewbiebewbie Registered

    I dunno yet.
    Im saving it for tuesday.
    We'll see then... ;)

  16. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+


    Percentages?! Why not just add standard deviations!

  17. MDFinest

    MDFinest Registered+

    In my case I've actually known someone who did it like that. He sold ounces for 100, quarters for 25, dimes were 2.8. It was alright bud he grew it himself but he wasnt that great of a grower.
  18. ky1956

    ky1956 Registered+


    I just encountered this. I was asked if I wanted 2.8 or 3.5. Didn't put it together that 2.8 was a 1/10. It was killer dope, but the 1/10 now sells for what an 1/8 used to. Really it is just a common marketing tactic used in all sorts of retail sales. I remember in the early 70's a lid started out as a little more than an ounce, then it was the same thing, then it became 3/4oz, but the price never changed. A dime,$10, was, like today however much someone wanted to put in the bag. In those days that was 1/2-1oz. Times have changed.
  19. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

    agreed, when flailing your penis around, always follow proper penis flailing etiquette
  20. vegetabongrips

    vegetabongrips Registered+

    Back in my day when I still knew folks who would sell "dime bags" they were never a set amount. The "Dime" referred to the fact that it was $10 worth of pot and nothing more. On rare occasions you'd find a "nickle sack"...likewise, it was just $5 worth of pot, no set amount -- the amount could vary with quality or if you just had a cheap dealer.

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